Frozen Yogurt Sorbet at Yogurtland at the Dubai Mall

February 2019 Update:

The last time (January 2019) I passed by their stand at the Dubai Mall they didn’t have a single dairy-free frozen yogurt flavor. I know that they keep changing the flavors they offer so hopefully there will be vegan ones soon again!

Ever since I moved to the Middle East I had become a big fan of Pinkberry – however, after turning vegan I realized that they didn’t have much on offer for me anymore besides a fruit cup. So here comes my vegan Pinkberry alternative in Dubai: Yogurtland. Yogurtland serves frozen yogurt with a huge variety of toppings. Just as Pinkberry. There are only two differences: Yogurtland follows a self-serving principle and therefore you pay by weight and they offer sorbets as non-dairy alternatives to frozen yogurt!

I visited the branch in the Dubai Mall next to the Aquarium (there’s another one in the food court and the third one is at the Boxpark). I’m not sure if all three branches offer the same flavors since you are able to find your favorite flavors online and check in which branch they’re available (at least in U.S. branches). According to their international website they offer a total of 22 (!) sorbets in different branches all around the world. All of them are suitable for vegans (so make sure to put Yogurtland on your go-to list when visiting the States). However a couple of days ago the only vegan option that was available at the branch in the Dubai Mall next to the Aquarium was the Raspberry and Kiwi Sorbet! I got half a cup full and topped it with mango, raspberries, two oreos and coconut flakes. They had lots of other fruits, nuts and different kinds of chocolates on offer as toppings.

Obviously I liked the fact of being able to create my vegan frozen yogurt myself and I enjoyed it a lot as well. To be honest, and not surprisingly, it didn’t taste as natural as some of the other sorbets I had tried lately (e.g. the one from Grom Ice Cream), but it was okay and definitely a nice treat during late night shopping. The only real downside I faced was the price: I paid more than 30 Dirhams for the cup on the picture above (it’s 3 Dirhams per oz), which really was nowhere near as full as some of the other cups I saw there. Hopefully there are gonna be more sorbets available soon so I can stop by and try them again – have you had any other vegan flavors from Yogurtland yet? Let me know how they are and where to find them!

Yogurtland at the Dubai Mall near the Aquarium

Ground Level in fron of H&M

Opening hours: 12AM to midnight

During Ramadan: 7PM – 2AM

+971 561791798

Yogurtland at the Dubai Mall

Food Court close to the Cinema

Opening hours: 12AM to midnight

During Ramadan: 7PM – 2AM

+971 44312536

Yogurtland at the Boxpark

Al Wasl Road, Al Safa

Opening hours: 12AM to midnight

During Ramadan: 7PM – 2AM

+971 42256959

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