Vegan Avo 'Toast' at Wild & The Moon in Dubai

February 2019 Update:

Yes! Wild & The Moon has opened their second branch in downtown and is planning to open a third one in DIFC in the near future. I know Al Quoz is not that easily accessible but now that there’s a branch on the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Blvd there is no reason not to stop by more often anymore. How about Orange Blossom Pancakes for breakfast, Soba Noodles for lunch and vegan ice cream for dessert?

Wild & The Moon Dubai
Wild & The Moon Dubai

Wild & The Moon is a fully plant-based Juicery and Bistro in Dubai, which I simply had on my list for too long until I finally made it to Alserkal Avenue to try their menu! Alserkal Avenue is located in the industrial area Al Quoz and has recently become a meeting point for arts and culture in Dubai. The old warehouses are mostly filled with galleries but you can find restaurant concepts such as Wild & The Moon (an idea that was actually brought up in Paris and then expanded to Dubai) there as well. It’s the perfect business meeting place if you are sick of Dubai’s skyscrapers and busy office towers.

Vegan 'Avo' Foccacia at Wild & The Moon in Dubai
Vegan Avo Cucumber Foccacia

The menu offers a couple of fixed breakfast items, a few alternating lunch options and vegan snacks, salads, and desserts, while their main focus lies on cold-pressed juices. Everything is raw, dairy-free, sugar-free, organic and if possible sourced locally. Or with other words: a vegan paradise with too many healthy options to choose from. Since I got up extra early (for having a day-off) I tried a couple of dishes from their breakfast menu: the Avo ‘Toast’, the Avo Cucumber Foccacia and the Acai Bowl. I had to choose between some more vegan breakfast options, such as the Matcha Bowl, the Chia Pudding or the Moon Porridge. However I was super satisfied with my choices, which -by the way- I had to order at the counter and then either take them to the table myself or have them served, if it takes longer. The Avo Cucumber Foccacia was accompanied by green leaves in a lemon-oil dressing and was really good but couldn’t beat the crispiness of the raw almonds and rosemary crackers and the creaminess of the avocado cream mixed with za’atar, lemon juice and sea salt from the Avo ‘Toast’.

Acai Bowl at Wild & The Moon in Dubai
Acai Bowl

Before I start talking about all their drinks, let’s not forget about the Acai Bowl. The Acai was topped with bananas, coconut flakes and the homemade granola – by far the best granola I’ve had in a while and a great Acai Bowl with a perfect mix of toppings.

The first time I tried the Wild & The Moon Juices and Smoothies was actually at Nadi Al Quoz – it’s kind of like a modern, open office space where you can meet your business partners or hangout with your friends in one of the hammocks. If you haven’t been yet this summer, hurry up, since it’s closing on October 29th! They’ve got a selection of drinks and snacks from Wild & The Moon there (since it’s literally only a one minute walk away) and I went there to get out of the house but continue to work on a blog.

'Monkey Milk' at Wild & The Moon in Dubai
‘Monkey Milk’

I tried the ‘Monkey Milk’, which is made of almond milk, banana, dates, vanilla bean, sea salt, cacao and spirulina. It’s rich in fiber, vitamin B6 & E and calcium and was much more delicious then the daily chocolate shake I’m having. Although my shake doesn’t cost almost 50AED for 500ml I still think this one is worth it now and then 😉 A huge variety of their raw, cold-pressed juices are available in several different outlets across town as well. Stop by at the Ripe Shop, Common Grounds, Tom & Serge, or the Surf House (among a lot of other destinations) to grab a small (250ml) or large cold-pressed juice. The other smoothie I’ve tried so far is fruit based: it’s called the ‘Blue Moon’ and made out of banana, kale, blueberry, coconut oil, vanilla, almond milk, dates and maca and is rich in vitamin K, C and A. While the ‘Monkey Milk’ was sweet and delicious I liked the ‘Blue Moon’ as well, but it didn’t taste as mind blowing (but if you ask me it just kind of depends on which mood you are in; if you are craving chocolate choose the ‘Monkey Milk’).

During the breakfast at Wild & The Moon I actually had an Iced Latte (with almond milk), which was just right to wake me up and didn’t even need any additional sweeteners.

Iced Latte at Wild & The Moon in Dubai
Iced Latte

If you are craving a vegan dessert Wild & The Moon will be the right destination for you too: I spotted several vegan snacks, such as the chocolate from Pana Chocolate (my favorite raw vegan chocolate from Australia at the moment), their own ‘Wild Bars’ in several flavors (such as the ‘Love Bar’ consisting of maca, cacao nibs, sprouted almonds, guarana, vanilla, dates and sea salt) and vegan desserts (e.g. lemon pie) in their fridge and at the bar.

I highly recommend you to stop by Wild & The Moon, which has just opened this spring actually, anytime during the day – I simply love the concept and more so the atmosphere at Alserkal Avenue and will be back soon. Meanwhile I always have the option of calling them for a quick delivery or using the Deliveroo App instead. In case you are interested in a juice cleanse – Wild & The Moon has great packages as well!

Wild & The Moon

Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz

Opening hours: 8AM to 7PM

+971 43433392


Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard

Palace Hotel Cafe 5

Opening hours: 8AM to 1.10AM every day

+971 8009453




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