So this week I had the pleasure to try all the new vegan dishes on the vegan menu at Wavebreaker at the Hilton in JBR. Spoiler alert: it was way beyond my expectations.
Wavebreaker is the outdoor all-day dining option in between pool and beach at the Hilton in JBR and since it’s in a hotel it’s also fully licensed! The first time I went here was years ago with a couple of friends to grab some drinks in the afternoon and I remember that I ended up asking a lot of questions to the waiter about the vegan options and ended up with something rather basic (salad / fries).

New vegan dishes

Well, trust me, this is never going to be the case anymore from now on. Wavebreaker added their first vegan menu in the beginning of the year and now they are already adding on new dishes! The “old” vegan menu consisted of one salad option, falafel sandwich, vegetable sandwich and a tofu dish, but the new additions are very impressive considering that this is not a vegan / vegetarian restaurant.
The new additions to the menu will be available in mid-March 2019 and they will most probably be the ones on the photo on the right.

So, starting with the Spiced Fresh Tomato Soup with Focaccia Crisps: very refreshing, cold and still very tasty at the same time. Loved the level of spiciness (not too much and not too little) and consider this as the perfect hot-weather soup. I then tried the Grilled Asparagus and Mushroom Tacos, which were absolutely amazing. They were served with a side of guacamole but the taste of them was so rich themselves that I almost didn’t add any of it. The mushrooms gave it a like-meat texture and flavor and it was the perfect dish to share as a starter.

Mean Green Detox Salad

Looking for a light vegan option after the soup? I had the new Mean Green Detox Salad and it hit all my expectations for a great salad and I’m normally very picky when it comes to “great” salads. There were tons of greens in the salad from broccoli to kale and avocado. Chickpeas were added for some protein and it was topped with grapefruit and a vegan tahini dressing. The dressing was perfectly creamy and the grapefruit gave it that perfect refreshing flavor. Definitely one of the best salads I’ve had in a long time.

Vegetable Meat Balls

There are two new vegan main course additions to the menu: Vegetable Meat Balls and Pasta Gardiniera (with in-house made vegan cheese!). The last time I ate veggie balls was most likely during one of my most recent Ikea visits so it’s probably needless to say that the Vegetable Meat Balls at Wavebreaker were at least one hundred times better. They were soft inside and crispy outside, served in a bed of tomato sauce and topped with vegetable chips. I would love to say that they were my favorite dish from the menu but I just loved the salad so much as well that I simply can’t decide.

Pasta Gardiniera with vegan parmesan

The Pasta was served with a variety of grilled veggies, in spinach & basil pesto and topped with in-house made vegan parmesan. I loved how flavorful it was and of course the fact that there was vegan parmesan on top. The portion size was great for a main and the different vegetable flavors (zucchini, eggplant and cherry tomatoes) came through very well, too.

Last but not least: the Choco Cherry Supercarb Bar. Everyone who knows me, knows about my addiction to chocolate. No day passes without me having some dark chocolate and that’s why I appreciate this dessert so much. So the chocolate bar was made out of chocolate, quinoa, chia seeds, dried cherries and sliced almond. It was topped with fresh berries and served with passion fruit sorbet. For me it was the perfect blend between a sweet treat and a healthy bar – there was still a very strong chocolate taste to it but the quinoa and the chia seeds gave it the perfect twist. It was neither too heavy nor too light for a dessert – just perfect.

Choco Cherry Supercarb Bar

Overall, Wavebreaker now offers what not many others are able to offer: an extremely well thought-through and delicious vegan menu at a beach / pool destination. You can enjoy the sun during the day with views on Bluewaters and JBR or come during the evening for vegan food, drinks and football games. Or stop by for ladies night & vegan food, or during happy hour, or … there are just so many reasons to stop by now!

Wavebreaker at Hilton JBR

The Walk JBR

Opening hours: 10AM – 11PM every day (food served from 12PM)

+971 43182582

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