Vegan in Regensburg

It was long overdue – a trip back home to visit my family in Regensburg, Germany. Regensburg is about one hour north from Munich and located in Bavaria. I never actually lived there, so most of the time I stop by here it feels like vacation anyways, but that also means that I might not know the city as well as others do! It’s been over seven months now that I turned vegan and ever since I haven’t been back home – in other words: this was the first time I left the UAE since I moved here and also since I changed my diet into a plant based one. I didn’t really know what to expect from being vegan in another country than the UAE but from what I had heard, it was much more accepted and integrated into the daily life. Before travelling I spent some time on google and my favorite social media channels to determine what I wanted to try / see / visit during my stay. And was super excited to try new vegan restaurants and products!

Regensburg - Stadtamhof
Regensburg – Stadtamhof

In general I can say that everything (in terms of living as a vegan) is much more affordable in Germany; I spent less money in restaurants, cafés and supermarkets than I would have had in the UAE for (mostly organic) vegan products. Also I can confirm that a vegan lifestyle is much more accepted and integrated into the community: the number of restaurants I saw that labeled their food as a vegan, a vegan festival coming up (in July Week 2) and much more! I think the industry has changed a lot ever since I left Germany almost 18 months ago and it’s definitely the right way to go!

One thing I have to admit though is that I feel like the traditional German and especially Bavarian cuisine is not particularly vegan-friendly. It’s based on meat, cheese and dairy and while enjoying the graduation party of my younger brother the only vegan dinner options that existed were green salad, fruits and pasta with tomato sauce. However, back in the city I couldn’t stop exploring all my vegan options! If you live in Regensburg, or have visited before, let me know your favorite spots so I won’t miss them next time I go back!

For all you non-German-speakers out there: vegan is the same wokd in German and “vegetarisch” means vegetarian. “Fleisch” is meat, “Eier” are eggs and “Milch” is milk. I doubt you’ll find a lot of English menus, but don’t hesitate to ask in English if anything is unclear 😉


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