Vegan Banana & Pecan Brownie

Tribeca in the JA Ocean View Hotel in JBR had been on my list to be checked out for quite a while now since they have created a whole vegetarian menu with amazing vegan options and a vegetarian brunch, which is very vegan-friendly as well. 

Huge Guacamole

So the vegetarian menu is called “Just Veg It!” and has a whole page of vegetarian / vegan dishes from starters to desserts. Every dish is labelled not only as vegetarian / vegan but they also distinguish between soy free, gluten free and nut free options as well. What I like about the menu in general is that there are both lighter dishes (such as the rainbow noodles) and big dishes (such as the burger with sweet potato fries) and it just kind of seems to have an option for every kind of hunger.

For starters we tried the artichoke dip and the organic guacamole. It was the two of us only so two starters was already more than enough. The organic guacamole was seasoned with pico de gallo and olive oil and was so huge that it would have easily been enough for a group of four.

Vegan Artichoke Dip

The artichoke dip was the highlight out of all the dishes I tried – it was a creamy dip out of artichokes, baby spinach, onion, garlic and vegan sour cream and I simply loved how creamy and rich it tasted. The chef confirmed that the vegan sour cream was in-house made out of almond milk and I definitely see myself coming back to Tribeca for this. Additional vegan starter options are the edamame hummus (served with veggie sticks) and the vegan nachos (topped with the vegan sour cream!). 

Rainbow Noodles

As mains we optioned for the Vurger and the Rainbow Noodles. I was warned that the Rainbow Noodles were served cold by the waitress so I wasn’t surprised when I realized that the dish was more like a salad of spiralized vegetables. It also included rice noodles and it was tossed in a peanut dressing so I actually liked it a lot, however would classify it as a salad rather than a main dish.

Three years ago I would have been extremely excited about the Vurger that we tried at Tribeca – the bun was in-house made and consisted of mostly beans and I definitely want to give credit to the vegan mayo as well. It was overall tasty & filling but the burger bun could have been a bit more special and I didn’t like the fact that it was falling apart (like most bean burgers do).


Before I come to the desserts, I want to highlight the organic & alcoholic drinks that are on Tribeca’s menu. Since we visited mid-day we only tried one of the cocktails on the menu (it was called “glow”) – it felt a bit weird how these “healthy” juices & ingredients, in our case cucumber, lemon, apple, ginger and mint were mixed with liquors – ours was gin – but I really liked it. It didn’t make it feel healthier, but it was tasty and definitely fresh. There’s a total of ten “organic cocktails” on the menu and one day I’ll definitely try some of the other ones as it’s just not your average packaged juice long drink.

Glow Organic Drink

So, last, but definitely not least: the vegan desserts at Tribeca! There are three options on the menu, however as a chocolate-lover we only ended up trying one: Banana & Pecan Brownie. Again, we were warned by the waitress that it was actually rather small and we should option for one each rather than two but we found that whilst there were rather small they were also fairly rich. I personally did love the taste, which was a blend between sweet & healthy based on nuts & cashews and the banana sauce topping. The other two fully plant-based dessert options on the menu are the Blueberry Cheesecake and the Mango & Pineapple Mousse Cake (do let me know if you have tried either of them!).

To sum it up: Tribeca’s “Just Veg it!” menu is well-thought through, offers unique vegan options and I love the fact that it’s a casual spot to spend the night with friends, have organic drinks and amazing vegan food. On Fridays they have the option for a vegetarian / vegan brunch with some of the dishes that I have tried – so put Tribeca on your evening out & Friday brunch list from now on!


Ocean View Hotel, JBR

Opening hours: Saturday – Thursday 12PM – 2AM & Friday 12PM – 3AM

+971 503456067

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