The Salad Jar

Last week I ordered my pool-side lunch from the Salad Jar. I simply wanted something nutritious, light and delicious as well and I saw that there was a combo offer for two salads, two juices and one chia pudding for only 93AED and couldn’t say no to this anymore.

The Salad Jar is delivering only (Sat-Thu), but you can also find a selection of their salads at Spinneys and Waitrose in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Cold-pressed juices

So in my combo I ordered the Spring-Not-Roll jar, the Soba Good jar, the Oh Mango! chia pudding and two juices from Go Organic. There is one more chia seed pudding on the menu (with berries) and they also have more salad options, which can be easily veganized.

So, the Spring-Not-Roll jar is basically a deconstructed spring roll with light lime flavors and Asian peanut sauce. There were snow peas, carrots, cabbage, tofu, mint, cilantro, shiitake mushrooms, mung bean noodles in the salad. I’m a big fan of unconventional salads and I’m also an absolute peanut butter-lover (I actually never buy peanut butter because the risk of me just taking out one spoon every 20 minutes is too high). So overall, I believe it’s needless to say that I absolutely loved this salad. The other salad I tried was the Soba Good, which was filled with soba noodles, cabbage, snow peas, edamame, tofu, avocado and kale and topped with a soya and fresh ginger dressing. Both of them qualified as Asian-tasting, and I really liked the big chunks of tofu, avocado and the edamame in this one as well but if I had to choose my favorite I’d go for the Spring-Not-Roll jar just because I’m so much in love with the peanut dressing. However, overall I can totally recommend both of them.

The cold-pressed juices were both very good as well (Sweet Kale & Afterparty) – one of them was rather green and the other one more fruity.

Oh Mango! Chia Seed Pudding

Later on that day I enjoyed the Oh Mango! chia seed pudding. The proportions of the chia seed pudding and the toppings (mango puree, super seed granola and mixed berries) were perfect and made this a light treat in the late afternoon which was fairly sweet but still healthy at the same time. The mango tasted very authentic and fruity and I was very pleased with this.

As of now the combo offer is still going on. You can simply give them a call or order through their website. I have ordered from them in the past and it was very easy to simply remove cheese to veganize more of their salads. They also recycle the plastic jars in which the salads come in and offer meal plans as well!

The Salad Jar

Delivering: Saturday – Thursday

+971 555613590

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