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Vegan Chocolate Smoothie at The Raw Place in Dubai

February 2019 Update:

Trust me – I haven’t been to Jumeirah Beach without stopping by to grab at least one Acai Bowl from the Raw Place within the past three years. Try it if you haven’t yet!

Yippee! Another fully plant based & health conscious & organic eating place has arrived in Dubai! The Raw Place is an Emirati brand, which has just opened its doors on Jumeirah Beach Road in 2017. It’s a well-known & popular location for cold pressed juices, smoothie bowls, light vegan dishes and sweet snacks & desserts in Abu Dhabi already and I’m super excited to share my first experience at their charming new branch in Dubai.

Almond Protein Power Bar at The Raw Place in Dubai
Almond Protein Power Bar

The outlet isn’t big and all their juices, smoothies & food options are available for takeaway or delivery as well and I can only recommend picking up some food there before heading to Jumeirah Beach. There are a few tables (inside & outside) available though, as well as a fridge showing all the different cold pressed juices and ready-to-go lunches & snacks. Furthermore The Raw Place also sells products such as raw cacao nibs, almond butter, acai powder, matcha powder, hemp protein powder and a lot of other products, which make every vegan excited (just visit their website for the full list). The café is small but bright & friendly and the staff treated me very well during my entire ‘brunch’. Before ordering they even briefly explained the concept of The Raw Place!

Cold Pressed Juice at The Raw Place in Dubai
Cold Pressed Juice

To start with I picked a smoothie (‘The Chocolate Ernie’) and a cold pressed juice (‘Green Gold’) from their extensive drinks menu, which also includes nut milks and organic coffee. The juice (pineapple, pear, mint, lemon & ginger) was exactly what I needed to wake up – super refreshing and hydrating and full of vitamins. The ‘Chocolate Ernie’ was just as tasty and definitely curing my need for chocolate – it was a blend of cacao powder, cacao nibs, mint, banana & almond milk.

Next I tried some food: the Acai Bowl & the Nan’s Rolls. The Nan’s Rolls were basically raw veggies rolled up in rice paper served with one of the best dips I have ever tried in my life (mixture of miso, ginger, apple cider vinegar, lime and olive oil). They were super delicious & fresh and simply made me feel good.

Raw Nan's Rolls at The Raw Place in Dubai
Raw Nan’s Rolls

While these came right out of the fridge not prepared freshly and packaged in plastic, the Acai Bowl was prepared and decorated patiently for me. And even though all the food was great and I’ll happily come back to try more (and I encourage you to do so as well) I’d preferred having the Nan’s Rolls prepared for me as well and served on a more environmental friendly plate. I do understand though that The Raw Place is not a full restaurant and appreciate the idea of grab-and-go, too.

Acai Bowl at the Raw Place in Dubai
Acai Bowl

Coming back to the actual food: the Acai Bowl was topped with fresh strawberries, granola, cacao nibs, goji berries and bananas. Perfect blend & toppings. I absolutely loved it and will try not to have it next time I visit to try the Matcha Rose Bowl instead. Additionally to the Nan’s Rolls there are some other grab-and-go lunches such as Pesto Knoodles, Soups, Salads and Risottos available.

Before I left I picked up an Almond Protein Power Bar – I tried it after my walk at the beach and it was by far the best vegan protein bar I’ve tried so far (even better than the ones my Mum normally brings me from Germany!). It contains goji berries, dates, raw oats, almonds, chia seeds, hemp protein & himalayan sea salt – I liked it especially because of it’s chewiness and mixture of flavors (you don’t taste the hemp protein at all). It’s available for 15 AED. Despite the protein bar I wanted to try some of their other sweet snacks such as the Banana Bread, but please be aware that some of them contain honey and are therefore not vegan. Just double check with the staff or check on the menu!

I hope this post gives you a good overview about why to visit The Raw Place (I still recommend to grab something there and then walk down to the beach – it’s maximum 5 minutes walking distance). Please share your favorite drinks & eats from The Raw Place with me so I know what to try next 🙂 And just in case you are interested: they also offer detox programs and you can call them up for delivery or order online as well!

The Raw Place

Jumeirah Beach Road (close to the Surf House & across the Eppco gas station)

Opening hours: Sat – Thu 6AM to 1AM; Fri 8AM to 1AM

+971 43300272

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