The Circle Café

Vegan Pumpkin Falafel at the Circle Cafße in Dubai

February 2019 Update:

Circle Café is definitely my most visited restaurant in the past six months (additionally to the fact that I order from them often as well). Why? First of all they have added vegan dishes in a vegan section on their menu. My favorite one is the Brown Rice Noodles and Edamame (mostly because I’m so in love with the peanut dressing) but they also have a vegan sandwich and two more entirely vegan dishes. But most of the times I’ve gone I went for the all you can eat breakfast offer during the weekend (8AM – 5PM, 55AED per person). You can order an unlimited amount of dishes from a special menu and get one cup of coffee for free as well. The vegan options on that menu are: Porridge, Avocado on Toast, Pink Beetroot Hummus & Avocado, Vegan Scrambles Tofu and I often get the Breakfast Bowl without cheese and egg as well.

After I discovered the fact that most bagels are actually plant-based, I had spent lots of time researching for restaurants / cafés in Dubai that serve vegan bagels. One of the places were I wasn’t sure about if the bread and bagels would contain milk or eggs was the Circle Café. There are 8 branches in Dubai and I visited the one in Tecom.

Juices at the Circle Café
Fruit Juices

It actually was a pretty small place in one of the office towers and seemed to make most business through delivery (I assume it’s more busy during the day though as I went for dinner when the offices were already closed). We ordered a pineapple and watermelon juice before having a look at the menu – both of them were fresh and delicious! Next I started interrogating the waiter about the vegan options. To be certain, he double checked with the kitchen but then informed me that neither their bread nor the bagels are vegan. Furthermore, there weren’t any vegan desserts available either. I decided to try the Sweet Potato Zaatar Fries, the Falafel Plate and the Falafel with a Twist Salad (I added some avocado). Other options I had included the Moroccan Lentil Salad (without Feta), the Pumpkin Salad (without Feta), the French Fries and the Vegetable Rice Rolls. For the salads they offer you to choose the dressing and I took the tahini dressing.

Sweet Potato Zaatar Fries at the Circle Café in Dubai
Sweet Potato Zaatar Fries

Even though the vegan options weren’t plenty the staff was very accommodating in terms of modifying the dishes. All my dishes I had tried before (I actually have Falafel quite often – and sweet potato fries are always a good option), but I liked the Circle’s Café interpretation of the food a lot! The sweet potato fries were seasoned with zaatar, a typically Middle Eastern spice, were well fried and tasted good!

Falafel with a Twist Salad at the Circle Café in Dubai
Falafel with a Twist Salad

The Falafel (on top of the salad as well as the Falafel Platter) were unusual but good as well: they were mainly made out of pumpkin, which made them a lot smoother inside. Overall an experience I can recommend to anyone who got tired of the standard falafel-taste. The salad was -as expected- a little bit plain (lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and falafel) and I was happy to have added some avocado! However, the non-vegan salad from my Mum was super delicious and varied in flavors a lot.

I can recommend the Circle Café to anyone who would like to try new flavors of falafel and who doesn’t mind removing cheese from the salads 😉 After realizing that the bagels aren’t vegan the breakfast is not really an option for vegans. However, for the quality of food (which was great; super fresh and delicious) and the service the prices are not high at all. You can order from them by calling, through their website or simply on zomato.

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