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Acai Bowl topped with bananas, straberries and granola at the Acai Spot in Dubai

February 2019 Update:

You can now get your Acai Bowl from The Acai Spot also in DIFC and Marina! Scroll down for exact locations & contact information.

Always out exploring new vegan flavors from all over the world in Dubai it was time for me to try my very first Acai Bowl. And where else would I go than The Acai Spot in Deira? A small café evolving just around this small berry from Central and South America. The acai berry counts as a so-called “super food” as well, and the list of health benefits of consuming acai seems endless: since acai berries are high in antioxidants they can lower cholesterol levels, because of their dietary fiber they help digestion and detoxification and due to their high vitamin c content they’ll also boost your immune system (and these are just a few of the given health benefits of the acai berry). All in all: definitely sounds like something I’m interested to try and honestly I was a little skeptical about the actual taste of the acai berry since I’ve always only read about the amazing benefits of it.

Acai Bowl with strawberries, blueberries and granola at the Acai Spot in Dubai
Acai Bowl with strawberries, blueberries and granola

The Acai Spot offers Acai Bowls, Acai Fruit Mixes and Acai Smoothies as well as a few snacks and salads, juices and coffees. Since I came only to try my first Acai Bowl that’s what we ordered: a medium size Acai Bowl topped with bananas, strawberries and organic cocoa nibs and a large Acai Bowl topped with strawberries, blueberries and granola. The actual acai pulp is made out of frozen acai pulp, guarana syrup, guar gum and xantana gum and only the acai mix has got around 260 kcal for a medium serving size (excluding the toppings). If you like to you can have your strawberries blended into the acai pulp already as well.

I absolutely loved the taste of my vegan Acai Bowl! The acai reminded me on a frozen berry smoothie and was absolutely delicious and a great vegan dessert or treat especially in the summer! The fruits that were nicely decorated on top of the acai pulp were fresh, tasty and a great addition as well and the organic cocoa nibs just made it perfect!

The place itself is a super cute two-story café with a bar downstairs and a comfortable lounge area upstairs. It’s nicely and modern decorated and you can even grab a book or a board game from the cupboards to hang out with your friends. Other than the Acai Bowls there are vegan-friendly salad options as well as an avocado toast on the menu so you can even spend your lunch here and enjoy an Acai Bowl for dessert! During the month of Ramadan The Acai Spot delivers before sunset and is open until 1 AM every day! If you haven’t yet, this is what you definitely have to try this summer!

The Acai Spot

Centurion Star Tower, Port Saeed, Deira

Opening Hours: 9AM to midnight

During Ramadan: 8PM to 1AM

+971 506449514


Marina Gate Residence 1

Opening hours:

8AM – 10PM (weekdays)

9AM – 10PM (weekend)

+971 45807635


Unit 55, Level 2

Opening hours:

7AM – 10PM (weekdays)

8AM – 10PM (weekend)

+971 42448189

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