Vegan Cake at Taracafé in Regensburg

Taracafé was on the first rank of vegan places to visit in Regensburg on my list – why? Because I got the recommendation from my Mum! She’s been visiting the attached Yoga Studio for years now and absolutely loves the atmosphere and was crazy about their cakes (she’s mostly vegetarian, but for sure not vegan though). The café and Yoga Studio are located in Regensburg’s old town, not far away from the dome. It’s a small and relaxed place with a couple of tables that offers a daily changing vegan and organic lunch menu, raw cakes, cakes, drinks and even vegan ice cream during the summer!

Their drink menu consists of endless tea options, coffees (with soy-, rice-, oat- or almond milk), fresh juices and smoothies. I remember having a refreshing lemonade (it was almost as hot as back in Dubai that day), which was great. Afterwards I picked the vegan poppy seed, apricot and coconut cake from the vitrine. There were two other ones available and again, I wish I could have tried all of them, but since the cakes are changing every day as well, I might as well just surprise myself with something new next time I visit! So while I was waiting for my Mum I checked a couple of things online (they’ve got free wifi) and enjoyed my first ever vegan cake that tasted exactly like the kind of cakes my Mum used to bake when we were younger. I was absolutely impressed. Never ever would I have thought that this cake was vegan if no one would have told me. It was fruity, had a great texture and just super delicious!

Vegan Banana Cinnamon Pospicle at Taracafé in Regensburg
Vegan Banana Cinnamon Popsicle

On my way out I couldn’t resist taking one of their vegan ice cream popsicles on the go. I had to choose between four different ones and went for the banana cinnamon one. It was creamy, delicious and healthy! The prices at Taracafé are totally fair. I paid less than 4€ for the piece of cake and 3,50€ for the ice cream. The daily dish for lunch is available for either 8,50€ (small portion) or 11€ (big portion) and the salad for 3,50€. I’d definitely stop by more than once a week for lunch or coffee and cake if I could, but for now it’s just going to be at least one stop per family visit!


Am Brixener Hof 5

93047 Regensburg

Opening hours: Mo-Sat 9AM – 8PM

+49 941 64635541

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