Vegan Burrito at Taqado in Dubai

February 2019 Update:

Yes! Taqado has launched a separate vegan menu, which they call Lean Bean Menu. On there you can find the Vegan Earth Salad (50 AED) as well as Vegan Quesadillas (with vegan cheese! – 42 AED) amongst other options. Definitely one of the most vegan-friendly option in Dubai’s fast food restaurant market!

Taqado at Mall of the Emirates in Dubai
Taqado at Mall of the Emirates

Mexican has always been and I can undoubtedly say will always be one of my most liked cuisines in the world! While I enjoyed it so much before I turned vegan was mostly because of a lot of sour cream and cheese being added to every dish – I still cherish it now but more for the guacamole, refried beans and overall vegan options. As a result Maxican fast food sounds like a healthy alternative to veggie burgers and fries when I need a quick meal! Luckily at the moment the UAE offers 11 branches of a really good Mexican fast food restaurant – Taqado!

Freshly made Burrito in Front of you at Taqado in Dubai
Freshly made Burrito in front of you

Anything you order there is made with the freshest ingredients right in front of you and easily put together by you in 3 steps. First you have to decide between your meal: burrito, box, three tacos or a salad (the other two options the quesadilla and the burger aren’t vegan). And then you go for your toppings in the next steps. What I like about Taqado a lot is that you can choose between two different types of rice (either with tomato – red spanish – or with lime cilantro) and even between pinto and black beans on your salad or in your taco / burrito. So even if I go there quite often I can always try a new combination of flavors.

Vegan Burrito at Taqado in Dubai
Vegan Burrito at Taqado

As the last step I normally add a lot of guacamole, lettuce and a dressing (my most picked one so far is the medium spicy green lime dressing). Make sure you skip the sour cream and cheese 😉 Last time I went I wasn’t too hungry and asked them to top my burrito with more beans and lettuce instead of rice and of course they were happy to do that for me as well!

Vegan Fastfood at Taqado in Dubai
Vegan fast food at Taqado

Taqado has a few side dishes on the menu which are vegan, too: sometimes I get their tortilla chips with the house made guacamole or the poblano soup (without cheese) – both of them are just as flavorsome as all the other ingredients. Taqado is for sure not the cheapest vegan fast food option (the medium burrito costs 32 AED on it’s own and the Nacho box comes for 28 AED) in the food court – but it offers a quite healthy one (obviously that depends on what you put inside your burrito or on top of your salad)!

You can order from Taqado via Deliveroo or give any of their branches a call! Also I’ve spotted their foodtruck at the Ripe Market! And my last tip: Download the Styck App onto your phone (an App that gives you Dubai specific rewards in restaurants and fitness clubs if you do a certain amount of steps per day) and get a free medium Burrito at Taqado for completing more than 12500 steps per day!

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