SugarMoo vegan Crazy Cake

February 2019 Update:

SugarMoo is now only doing online deliveries so please do not search for their branch in Al Barsha. They have added a few vegan options such as the Peanut Butter Brownie or customized vegan cakes and there’s a vegan section on their website so you don’t have to worry about ordering anything that is not plant-based.

It happened again. Last night. I was craving something sweet, preferably with chocolate and the endless options of delivery services in Dubai just got me. Even though SugarMoo, the Bakery, is only a few blocks away from my home in Al Barsha, I decided to try their vegan sweets via the delivery service Deliveroo.

Unless you pre-order your customized cake / brownie / cupcake / cookie – there are two vegan options on the daily menu: the raw energy bites and the crazy cake! Undoubtedly I had to try both.

SugarMoo Paperbag Dubai
SugarMoo paper bag

From the time I ordered until these sweets got delivered it took less than half an hour and when it arrived I already fell in love with their packaging! Their slogan “You crave We deliver” is exactly the kind of thing I am looking for. When I opened the paper bag I found two small and lovely wrapped up brown and pink boxes inside. One of them with a small piece of the vegan crazy cake and the other one contained four different kinds of raw energy bites.

SugarMoo Cake Box
SugarMoo Cake Box

After taking a few quick pictures (it really had to be quick since I couldn’t wait a single second to try these vegan desserts) I took my first bite of the crazy cake, which is also called “Allergy-Free Cake” since it’s free of eggs, dairy and butter, and fell in love immediately! The cake was chocolate-coated, not too sweet but not too “healthy” either and had a just perfect moisture.

SugarMoo vegan Crazy Cake
SugarMoo Crazy Cake

In fact it was more comparable to a really good brownie due to its size and richness in flavor. Upon request and notice SugarMoo provides the Crazy Cake as an entire cake and I know now already that this is the place to go for me if I need to feed more people than just me with vegan cake. Being so excited and satisfied with the cake I only tried bits of the Raw Energy Bites afterwards. All of them were created out of dates as their main ingredient and only the add-ons differed: they were topped with cocoa, pistachio, coconut flakes and almonds. As for my first impression I had expected them to be a little bit softer (I actually struggled getting the balls into pieces with a fork), liked the sweet taste of the dates but after all they kind of tasted the same just with different toppings.

SugarMoo Raw Energy Bites Dubai
SugarMoo Raw Energy Bites

The truth: they were more like something even I could have easily prepared myself with a few dates and my preferred add-on.

Even though I’ve had better raw energy bites before, I absolutely loved the small boxes they came in and I’m sure I’ll get a vegan cake from SugarMoo again! Order Online, via phone, Deliveroo or stop by at their shop in Al Barsha (next to Mall of the Emirates).


+971 43997371

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