Saadiyat Beach Club

Fruit platter with lemon sorbet at the Saadiyat Beach Club in Abu Dhabi
Sunset at Saadiyat Beach Club in Abu Dhabi
Sunset at Saadiyat Beach Club in Abu Dhabi

While the purpose of this blog isn’t only showing you the entire vegan dining options in Dubai, I also like to emphasize on how easy a vegan lifestyle can be implemented even in the UAE. One thing I normally worry about the most is going to places where I can not pick between certain dishes or specific restaurants. Sometimes I’m just not in the mood to ask for several meal adjustments.

While I was looking forward to an entire day at the Saadiyat Beach Club in Abu Dhabi with my Mum, I was a little concerned about their vegan options. These concerns were completely unnecessary! After a one hour drive from Dubai we arrived at the beach club and were positively surprised about the price for the day-pass: it was a Tuesday in August and ladies day – instead of 150 AED each we were charged only 80 AED each! We got ourselves two sunbeds near the pool, checked out the spa and fitness center quickly and relaxed for an entire day! Even though it was hot, it was almost pleasant due to a light breeze from the sea. I went down to the beach a couple of times, which was nearly empty and stayed in the pool reading my book for a little while.

Vegetables Spring Rolls at the Saadiyat Beach Club in Abu Dhabi
Vegetables Spring Rolls

When I got hungry in the afternoon I grabbed the menu from the table in between our sunbeds. I was already satisfied with the fact that the dishes were marked as (V) for vegetarian and (D) includes dairy, so that it was easy for me to figure out my options. There were a couple of snacks, which I was able to order without any modifications: curly fries, spring rolls, gazpacho, fresh fruit platter and two different sorbets. A couple of salads / snacks could have been ordered without cheese to be vegan. However I ordered the spring rolls and the fresh fruit platter right to my sunbed. The service was great anyways, but I was even more excited about the way the food was served and the portion sizes. I didn’t expect a beach club to actually serve good value for money at all, but both the fresh fruits topped with lemon sorbet and the spring rolls were delicious, well prepared and presented and normally priced (for a beach club in Abu Dhabi).

Even though the vegan options weren’t plenty – they were good and I had an amazing day at the Saadiyat Beach Club. Obviously they offer tons of drinks as well as juices, smoothies, tea and coffee! Make sure to check their offers (I didn’t find any information about the ladies day online) and enjoy your day!

Saadiyat Beach Club

Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat Beach East

Opening hours: 9AM to sunset

+971 26563500

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