Vegan Salad Vietnam at Rosarium in Regensburg
Rosarium Garden Regensburg
Rosarium Regensburg

The Bistro Rosarium was definitely not recommended by anyone for their great vegan options, but apparently one of my Mum’s latest favorite restaurants, so I accepted the challenge to find more vegan food in Regensburg and went there for lunch with my Mum and Brother. It’s located not far from the old town inside the Dörnberg Park, offers breakfast, lunch and dinner and has a super beautiful garden connected to the park full of flowers and a fountain! We sat right next to the fountain and before checking the menu I took some pictures of the location and enjoyed hearing the birds singing (if you live in the Middle East you will have experienced appreciating nature outside of the dessert).

Home Made Green Iced Tea at Rosarium in Regensburg
Homemade Green Iced Tea

Quickly I ordered the homemade green iced tea to cool myself down on another hot summer day in Europe! And then finally had a look at the menu – let’s start with the vegan options that were on the menu without having to be veganized: a tomato soup. That’s it. And since that didn’t appeal to me at all, I started being creative and probably challenged the waitresses’ patience to it’s maximum. First of all I should have realized that being vegan is much more common in Europe and that by simply telling the waitress my dietary restrictions (‘I am vegan’), I would have made both of our lives a lot easier that day. However I went by the ‘list the ingredients that are restricted’ method and had her going back and forth to the kitchen to double check with the chef a couple of times for several dishes until I was finally satisfied with my order. I have to admit that she stayed more patient than me (I started to get hungry) and in the end I ordered a side of hummus from the ‘Fleischlos’ platter (all other dishes on there contained milk or eggs) and the salad ‘Vietnam’ without chicken and prawns. It was funny that after all this she said ‘So you are vegan!’ – and I started feeling sorry for her, since before I had asked to remove the shrimps from the Vietnames spring rolls (not possible) and more.

Vegan Hummus as Rosarium in Regensburg
Rosarium’s Hummus

However – the homemade green iced tea was super delicious and refreshing! And soon my food arrived, too. The salad ‘Vietnam’ was made out of rice noodles, mango, green papaya, sprouts, peanuts, cilantro and a sesame dressing (vegan!) – and super tasty and a quite big portion. The ingredients played amazing together and the sesame dressing made it even better. At that point I was super happy already and tried the hummus as well. It didn’t taste as expected at all (I mean, I’m having hummus here every few days…), it was more like a Bavarian take on the traditional hummus and it was a nice change – mixed with onions, garnished with spring onions, and used less sesame paste it reminded me on when I last had traditional potato salad, also because it wasn’t as creamy and full of olive oil as the traditional hummus. Definitely something I can recommend to try since it’s a totally different experience of flavors!

In the end I really enjoyed my vegan lunch at Rosarium in Regensburg; I loved the garden in which we sat, the waitress was super friendly and helped me so much figuring out what to eat on a plant based diet (and what I ate was actually super delicious and prepared well) and they do have a lot of other options that are veganizable (another four salads, a vegetable ratatouille and a risotto). I just wouldn’t recommend their breakfast menu for vegans.


Hoppestraße 3A

93049 Regensburg

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10AM to 1AM, Sun 10AM to 6PM

+49 941 26885

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