Vegan Appetizer Platter at Ronja in Mülheim
Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant Ronja
Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant Ronja

During the few hours I’ve spend in my home town Duisburg this summer I was curious to find vegan hotspots in North-Rhine Westphalia. As I was planning to have dinner with my Dad and Grandma in a vegan-friendly restaurant, my Dad found the vegetarian / vegan restaurant ‘Ronja’ in Mülheim (20 minutes drive from Duisburg). Immediately it was clear to all of us that we couldn’t miss going there as the menu sounded promising with tons of vegan options and the restaurant was actually called the same as me (which isn’t a common name in Europe either).

Vegan Coconut-Curry with Veggies and Seitan
Coconut-Curry with Veggies and Seitan

The restaurant located in a quite area in Mülheim offers indoor and outdoor seating. They’ve got a fully vegetarian menu with clear labels for all vegan (and gluten-free) dishes and a weekly changing menu as well (unfortunately I don’t remember what was on there when I visited though). Having been to only a handful of vegetarian / vegan restaurants in Europe I was completely overwhelmed by the number of vegan options for such affordable prices. The menu is inspired by several international cuisines such as the Middle Eastern, the Mediterranean and the Asian. Additionally you can find local vegetarian dishes, vegan pizzas, vegan snacks and desserts.

While my Dad and Grandma optioned for vegetarian main courses (the Vegetable Quiche) we started off with the Vegan Appetizer Platter. It was a great mix of hummus, couscous, eggplant in tomato, bean salad, chickpea salad, stuffed wine leaves and a veggie-walnut-dip. For anyone not being as familiar with the Middle Eastern cuisine these appetizers are a great choice of samples, which tasted delicious and authentic.

Vegan Chocolate Cake at Ronja in Mülheim
Vegan Chocolate Cake

For my main dish I ordered the Coconut Curry with Veggies and Seitan with a side dish of rice. The portion was huge but great in flavor and satisfying. It was a little bit spicy and to be honest I didn’t manage to finish all the rice, but I’d definitely order it again (after having tried the other 15+ vegan main dishes on the menu).

As you can probably imagine there was only one reason why I didn’t finish my rice: I knew there were vegan desserts available. My Dad and me ordered the last two pieces of vegan cake from that day (chocolate and apricot-cream) and were surprised how normal they tasted. Nothing like any of the raw vegan cakes I had tried before, which were clearly delicious, but didn’t taste as sinful as these two. Both the creamy part on top and the baked bottom layer seemed to be particularly healthy and that’s what I liked about them so much! They were simply sweet, delicious and full of calories.

Vegan Apricot Cream Cake at Ronja in Mülheim
Vegan Apricot Cream Cake

All in all ‘Ronja’ is my most favorite vegetarian / vegan restaurant so far and I wish we’d have more of them around the world. I had a great dinner with part of my (non-vegan) family, which inspired them to be more conscious about their food choices on the one hand and showed them how easy and affordable a vegan diet can be. Everything we tried was delicious, the menu is really diverse in flavors and cuisines, the staff was friendly (even to a non-German speaking couple next to us) and again: their prices are more than fair. Even if you are a couple of minutes drive away from Mülheim you should definitely stop by here and give it a try!


Kettwiger Straße 15, Mülheim an der Ruhr

Opening hours: Mon – Sun 12PM to 9PM (closed during public holidays during the week)

+49 208 44469344

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