Rewind Nutrition (not available anymore)

February 2019 Update:

It seems that Rewind Nutrition is no longer available anymore in the UAE.

Rewind Nutrition is a distributor of organic and natural food products in the UAE. I came across them when I visited The Ripe Market for the first time and couldn’t resist trying their vegan Chocolate Chia and Nut Truffles!

Chocolate Chia and Nut Truffles

When I heard they only consisted of vegan protein powder, maple syrup and vanilla powder I was a little skeptic about the taste but they turned out to actually have the consistence of truffles, were chocolaty and sweet enough and didn’t taste like the average vegan organic protein powder I had tried so far at all! 5 AED each seemed like a reasonable price considering you could easily (that’s what I got told) make them yourself at home with their organic vegan protein powder.

Other than that they sold some more vegan cookies (which I still have to try) and brownies, which unfortunately weren’t vegan, but at least gluten-free. You can buy their vegan organic protein powder (chocolate or coconut flavor) by visiting The Ripe Market or their website for 395 AED for 1.5kg.

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