Raw Food Chef Training with Mia

Have you been vegan for years already and want to find out more about raw veganism? You’re already living a raw vegan diet but your food preparation skills are on the same level as mine (in other words: non-existent)? You’re looking for something to challenge yourself and develop your passion of plant-based nutrition to another level?

I came across the perfect opportunity in Dubai for all of you & wanted to spread the word. No matter if you’re a mum wanting to spoil your family with deliciously prepared raw vegan meals, a restaurant owner who is interested in offering raw vegan dishes or anyone curious about preparing raw vegan meals – this class is for you!

6 Day Raw Food Chef Training by Mia


May 5th to 10th, Class is from 5:30 PM to 9:30PM


Tom & Serge, Dubai

By who?

Mia, a holistic health & nutrition coach and yoga teacher. Currently she is the in-house raw chef and health coach at Essentially.ae. She qualified as a raw chef and detox facilitator under the reputable culinary school Pure Joy Academy with Chef Elaina Love and continued her raw education undertaking additional raw food courses under some of the most well-known raw chefs, including The Raw Chef in London and Amy Levin (a raw chocolate specialist).


During the six day training you will get a better understanding about what raw food is & it’s nutritional benefits. Furthermore you’ll learn how to prepare raw food dishes such as soups, smoothies, noodles, pizzas, raw desserts (and many more). The class will also offer you an introduction to basic fermentation, dairy free alternatives, sprouting & dehydration techniques. Last but not least you’ll be able to try all the delicious food you prepared during the class & learn about food styling and photography so you can share your recently learned skills with the world on your social media accounts!


The Raw Food Chef Training is a great opportunity for everyone! As mentioned above, you don’t need to be a chef to attend (you can be though) – all you need to bring is your interest in a raw food lifestyle and raw food preparation. And no matter if you are just doing it for you and your family or because you want to incorporate more raw vegan dishes on your restaurant menu: You’ll receive the Level 1 intensive immersion course completion certificate.


More infos, the exact schedule, example recipes and a guide on how to sign up can be found here:


In case you missed the link to Mia’s website on the top, here it is again (other than information about herself you can also find tons of delicious raw vegan recipes!):


As always – just send me a mail or comment here with any questions you might be having!


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