Pulp Juice Bars

Pulp Juice Bars in Dubai

February 2019 Update:

Pulp Juice Bars is still my go-to before work. Just make sure you always specify that you do not want any frozen yoghurt or milk in your smoothie and you can basically go for any of their drinks! They have also added a range of smoothie bowls to their menu, which I still have to try!

Fresh Fruits and Veggies at Pulp Juice Bar
Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Whenever I’m running out of time but can tell that my body needs a quick vegan snack before work / during work I stop by at Pulp Juice Bars at Mall of the Emirates close to the Kempinski Hotel. I know about at least one more juice bar of this kind in Mall of the Emirates, and I think the other one offers even more fresh juices but I just kind of like the mixtures at the Pulp Juice Bar a little bit better! The menu offers freshly squeezed juices, fruit smoothies and smoothies with dairy (mostly milk and frozen yoghurt). But the good thing here: for a small additional charge you can swap the milk with almond milk and enjoy the vegan version of these smoothies. And that’s what I normally do to avoid just having fruit without any protein 😉

Snacks at Pulp Juice Bars in Dubai
Snacks at Pulp Juice Bars

My two favorites are the Bodybuilder (strawberries, bananas, almond milk and flaxseed) and the Dream Date (bananas, dates, almond milk). As you might be able to imagine the latter is a lot sweeter. Both of them are always prepared right in front of me and super creamy! You can choose between a regular or a big size (19 AED / 22 AED) – but even the regular size is enough to fill you up in between meals or on a busy day! However you can also build your own smoothie / juice with any of their available ingredients. Or just grab a snack; they’ve got fruit sticks, fruit salads, pomegranates, fruit popsicles or nuts!

Next time you are at Mall of the Emirates stay away from the crowded food courts and stop by here to get a healthy, nutritious snack while shopping – and don’t forget to let me know which juice / smoothie is your favorite one! They’ve got branches in Deira and at the Airport as well!

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