Ping Pong Dim Sum (permanently closed)

Vegan Sticky Vegetable Rice in Lotus Leaf at Ping Pong Dim Sum in Dubai

February 2019 Update:

Closed! Another one of my favorites just gone. At least that’s another reason for me to finally try Din Tai Fung, who have just recently opened their new branch at the Dubai Mall as well!

Time to try something new! If you have followed my vegan blog in Dubai you probably must have realized that I tend to try more Asian food than anything else (mostly because they always offer some kind of tofu dish). Surprisingly, I have never tried Dim Sum before and finally made it happen at Ping Pong Dim Sum at the Dubai Mall!

Ping Pong Dim Sum has two outlets in Dubai, one in the Dubai Mall and the other one in Arabian Ranches. Both of them offer the same great menu with lots of vegan options! The branch at the Dubai Mall has a typical Chinese Tea House style and offers a fountain view if you are able to get a table at the window! You can chose between one of the Set Menus or ordering à la carte – we decided for the latter and started off with two different coolers from their menu: the ping pong (raspberry puree shaken with guava juice and shiso leaves) and the lychee mojito (lime, mint and lychee juice). While we preferred the lychee mojito, the ping pong wasn’t bad either, just not as sweet and refreshing as the other one. And honestly, I could come back just to try myself through their tea, ice tea and coolers menu for another ten times at least since a lot of their creations on the menu aren’t as common but all sound like I want to try them (for example the pomegranate and mint ice tea or kumquat mojito).

Tofu and Carrot Dumpling at Ping Pong Dim Sum at the Dubai Mall
Tofu and Carrot Dumpling

While sipping on our drinks we slowly made ourselves through the menu, which wasn’t difficult at all since there were pictures and corresponding explanations about how the different types of dim sum look like and what they were made out of. Additionally the menu marks vegetarian dishes, which always makes it easier, and whenever we had a question our waiter was able to inform us about the ingredients of a certain dish. I enjoyed the way you ordered as well since you simply had a paper menu on which you could mark all the dishes you’d like to order and once they arrived they even ticked it off! For our first round we ordered the vegetable spring rolls (it seems like we can’t have Asian food without having spring rolls anymore), spinach and mushroom dumpling, the vegetable sticky rice, the steamed long stem broccoli and the tofu and carrot dumpling.

Vegan Sticky Vegetable Rice in Lotus Leaf at Ping Pong Dim Sum in Dubai
Sticky Vegetable Rice in Lotus Leaf

The dishes came one by one whenever they were ready and quite quickly after we had ordered. The vegetable spring rolls were great, crispy and had a good amount of tastiness inside, also we liked the spinach and mushroom dumpling a lot (in fact this was our favorite one due to it’s amazing flavor). While the vegetable sticky rice was served in a lotus leaf and absolutely delicious, the tofu and carrot dumplings in spinach wheat pastry tasted a little boring, but were okay dipped in soy sauce! Last but not least the steamed broccoli was good, but nothing special.

Four Mushroom Puff at Ping Pong Dim Sum at the Dubai Mall
Four Mushroom Puff

After trying our way through these dishes we still felt some hunger and ordered a second time: the spinach and mushroom dumpling, the four mushroom puff and the vegetable and black bean rice pot. The four mushroom puff was a baked pastry filled with shiitake, enoki, oyster mushrooms, black fungus, carrot, mangetout and cashew nuts. I think I haven’t had a savory pastry ever since I became vegan and I absolutely loved it! The pastry was super deliciously baked and the filling was flavorsome and creamy. Three of these puffs were super filling in the end. The vegetable and black bean rice pot contained of a variety of beans, broccoli and rice and was good as well. I especially liked that all the rice that was served was traditionally sticky.

Vegetable and Black Bean Rice Pot at Ping Pong Dim Sum at the Dubai Mall
Vegetable and Black Bean Rice Pot

All in all I’m not only going back to Ping Pong Dim Sum in Dubai to coninue trying my way through their amazing drinks menu, but also to tick off trying the vegan Dim Sum options I wasn’t able to try during my first visit and enjoy the ones that I absolutely loved (spinach and mushroom dumpling!) again. The atmosphere was nice, the waiters were knowledgeable, the food was great and all house made and the prices were okay as well (we paid around 250 Dirhams for both of us).

Ping Pong Dim Sum at the Dubai Mall

Lower Ground Level, Opposite Bloomingdales

Opening hours: Sat – Wed 10AM to 12 midnight, Thu – Fri 10 AM to 1 AM

+971 43399088

Ping Pong Dim Sum at Arabian Ranches

The Ranches Souk, Arabian Ranches 2

Opening hours: Sat – Wed 10AM to 10PM, Thu – Fri 10 AM to 12 midnight

+971 44571937



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