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Acai Bowl at Pineapple Express in Dubai

February 2019 Update:

We believe that the food truck in front of Atlantis is not there anymore (at least for the moment), however there will be a new branch opening in DIFC soon!

Just another superfoods café in Dubai? For sure not. Pineapple Express, a health-food café chain from Australia, has just launched their first two branches in Dubai and is truly broadening vegan snack and sweet options in Dubai. As of now I still haven’t had the time to travel to Australia but from what I’ve heard vegan options over there are plentiful and I was excited to try Pineapple Express and especially their Acai Bowls as soon as I found out that they’d be available in Dubai soon.

Smoothie and Bowls Menu at Pineapple Express in Dubai
Smoothie and Bowls Menu

Besides Acai Bowls Pineapple Express offers a variety of smoothies, homemade sweets and a few wraps, sandwiches and bowls for lunch. Their menu in Dubai is much more limited than the one I’ve found online from Australia though. Unlike me I got up relatively early during the week to visit their branch in JLT, next to Fidelity Gym in the Almas Tower and tried the breakfast bowl and a few of their vegan treats, which didn’t disappoint me at all.


Raw Vegan Protein at Pineapple Express
Raw Vegan Protein

The bowl I had for breakfast was made out of acai, coconut water, berries, banana and spinach and topped with granola, fresh fruits and chia seeds. Compared to acai bowls I have previously tried this one was less sweet, especially due to the spinach, but delicious. Also I had the choice of adding other toppings instead including a raw vegan protein powder, which is being sold there as well (unfortunately I don’t remember the price, but I have added some pictures of the brochure).

Vegan Snacks and Sweets at Pineapple Express in Dubai
Vegan Snacks and Sweets

While the acai bowl was worth visiting Pineapple Express already, the vegan sweets I tried from the glass vitrine convinced me to come back soon again. Even though the chocolate treats are not all clearly labeled as vegan yet, the staff was knowledgeable and super helpful in regards to my dietary requirements. I picked the raw chocolate brownie, the vegan snickers and vegan chocolate protein balls.

Vegan Chocolate Protein Ball from Pineapple Express in Dubai
Vegan Chocolate Protein Ball

The brownie was eaten by me immediately as I couldn’t resist keeping it for later. Out of the three treats I bought this one is my favorite. Super rich in chocolate and just perfectly moistly so that no one would ever believe that it’s a raw brownie. Do not skip this one if you love chocolate.

Vegan Snickers from Pineapple Express in Dubai
Vegan Snickers

The other two I took home and tried later that day after work. While the chocolate protein ball was delicious and is a great choice for a post-workout snack, it was a little bit hard and dry. The vegan snickers consisted of two layers filled with nuts and covered in dark chocolate. If you liked snickers before you became vegan and still like nuts and sweets you’ll like this one just as much as you’ll like the brownie. I mean, I was glad to be home by the time I ate it otherwise I’d have probably gotten a second one!

Normally Pineapple Express also offers CocoWhip – a vegan ice cream alternative made with coconut water and available in different flavors – however it will only be available at their branch at the Palm in front of the Atlantis Waterpark. I’m curious to taste it, but don’t know when I’ll make it there. Please let me know how you like it when you’ve tried it 🙂

Pineapple Express JLT

Almas Tower next to Fidelity Gym

Opening hours: Sat – Thu 6AM to 10.30PM, Fri 6AM to 8.30PM





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