One Cafe By Life n’ One

Vegan Acai Bowl served in a Coconut at One Cafe in Dubai

February 2019 Update:

One Cafe by Life n’ One is still one of the must-visit places in Dubai. Not only are they adding delicious & innovative new plant-based dishes to their menu frequently (fancy an eggless omelet or a raw carrot cake?), they are also holding a lot of different classes about well-being, meditation, yoga and nutrition. I promise you, you will love the laid-back atmosphere and the tasty & pretty food.

If you believe it or not – Dubai’s summer is slowly coming to an end and One Cafe By Life n’ One has re-opened their garden and yoga studio with a fully raw vegan menu! Needless to say I couldn’t be more thankful for that. I absolutely love being outdoors and enjoying the nature but living in the city of skyscrapers and glamour it can get quite difficult sometimes. At the One Cafe in Jumeirah you can either sit in the green garden or inside the ‘tent’, which still gives you an outdoor-feeling because of its see-through ‘walls’.

Interior at One Cafe in Dubai
Interior at One Cafe

From what I have read online they re-designed the garden and tent during the summer (unfortunately I never visited before) and hired the chef who was previously cooking for Be Super Natural – until now the only fully raw vegan restaurant in Dubai – at the Dubai Mall.

All raw and vegan menu at one Cafe in Dubai
Menu at One Cafe

I decided to relax at one of their sofas inside the tent and enjoyed the atmosphere and observed the beautifully decorated environment. Immediately I fell in love with their wooden tables and chairs, the individual decor on every table, the music coming from an old record player and the attentiveness and friendliness of the staff. Since I visited just a couple of days after the re-opening the menu wasn’t fully written yet (except for the all-day breakfast choices: the Acai Bowl, Jumbo Chia Seed Pudding or the Breakfast Bowl). Also there was a chalkboard in the garden, which listed several other options. I tried the cold pressed ‘Green Goblin’ juice, the Vietnamese Spring Rolls, the Raw Pizza Slice and the Acai Bowl. Additionally I could have chosen the Sushi Bowl or Sweet Potato Fries. However, following their Instagram Account I can tell they are adding on new drinks (I spotted a chocolate smoothie made with Pana Chocolate) and food (such as raw cakes) onto the menu almost every day!

Raw Vietnamese Summer Rolls at One Cafe in Dubai
Raw Vietnamese Summer Rolls

Everything I tried was exceptionally beautiful presented and delicious. The Raw Vietnamese Summer Rolls were filled with fresh vegetables and fruits and served with an aromatic toasted sesame and almonds sauce. The summer rolls itself were great but dipped into the sauce it was a perfect match. Next I tried the Raw Pizza Slice – and it turned out to be just as good as the Summer Rolls. Fresh veggies (cherry tomatoes, yellow pepper and garden radish) on a creamy white sauce on a super tasty cracker-like tomato flavored bread.

Raw Vegan Pizza at One Cafe in Dubai
Raw Vegan Pizza

If I had to decide between both of them I think I’d prefer the Pizza Slice again – but most likely I’d have both. The green juice that accompanied my dishes was a mixture of kale, celery, coriander, broccoli, apple, cucumber and lime and tasted green and refreshing – a lot better than my self-made juices with maximum five ingredients.

Last but not least: the Acai Bowl – a hollowed out coconut filled with coconut fibers and acai topped with raw cacao nibs and sesame, decorated with flowers. Simply a must-try. Not only for people that love sweets and acai. It tasted so raw and fresh and like the perfect healthy vegan treat in Dubai’s summer (and winter).

'Green Goblin' Juice at One Cafe in Dubai
‘Green Goblin’ Juice

My honest advice: they have re-opened their doors on the 28th of August, and if you haven’t stopped by there yet – it’s about time. The food was so fresh and delicious (did I mention that it’s completely gluten-, sugar- and dairy-free as well?) that I wish I could come here every day for lunch. Even though the portions were rather small, I didn’t regret spending a little more for what I get at all. Follow the One Cafe on Instagram to be updated on the menu and let me know what you have tried and how you liked it (for sure I’m going have the chocolate smoothie made with Pana Chocolate next time…).

One Cafe By Life n’ One

Jumeirah Beach Road, 27B Street

Behind Magrudys and Jumeirah Center

Opening hours: 8AM to 7PM

+971 43436676



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