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Vegan Sushi from Moshi in Dubai

There had always been a few things in life I didn’t really like to eat even before I switched to a plant-based diet. Some of these included seafood and especially sushi. Obviously now I still don’t eat seafood, but as I became more open for different flavors from all over the world, I decided to give sushi another try this week!

After some online research (thanks for the great tips to the entire Vegan Community in Dubai!) I decided Moshi – Momo & Sushi would be a great place to try a broad selection of vegan sushi. I went to their branch in Al Barsha during my lunch break (as it’s just a few steps away from Mall of the Emirates) and realized immediately that they must be doing their main business from takeaways and deliveries since they only had 4 tables available and the restaurant was empty. Even though I felt watched by the staff during the entire lunch (because the room was so small) and the music was a little bit too loud for a normal conversation, I had an overall positive, friendly & professional experience.

Sriracha Edamame from Moshi in Dubai
Sriracha Edamame

The reason why I picked Moshi was the fact that their menu has labels for the vegan options, which always makes dining so much easier. I ordered the Tofu Maki Rolls, Cucumber & Avocado Maki Rolls, Falafel & Hummus & Cucumber Maki Rolls, the Falafel Nigiri, the BMC Dumplings and the Sriracha Edamame from the summer menu. As you can probably tell from my order already Moshi doesn’t only serve the classic Asian sushi but also combines Middle Eastern and Asian cuisine in several different Maki and Temaki Rolls.

Vegan Falafel Nigiri at Moshi in Dubai
Vegan Falafel Nigiri

Now about my food: the Sriracha Edamame, which I haven’t had in this way yet, was really spicy but overall tasted good (if you like it spicy!). My favorite Maki Rolls were the Cucumber & Avocado since they were fresh and delicious. Both the Falafel & Hummus & Cucumber Maki Rolls as well as the Falafel Nigiri were interesting and delicious. I liked the extraordinary combination however still prefer my falafel warm and wrapped in a sandwich with some greens and tahini sauce. The Tofu Maki Rolls were my least favorite ones – the tofu tasted really plain (just as it is) and they needed lots of soy sauce to be good.

Vegan BMC Dumplings at Moshi in Dubai
Vegan BMC Dumplings

Last but not least: the BMC (Broccoli, Mushrooms and Carrot) Dumplings – even though they didn’t look as amazing as the ones I’ve previously tried at Ping Pong Dim Sum and were a little smaller as well, they were freshly prepared and flavorful. One other thing I really liked about Moshi were the amount of sauces and dips that were offered during the lunch. Everything tasted great with simple soy sauce but I enjoyed dipping a couple of Maki Rolls into the tahini or chili sauce as well.

Despite the fact that I tried quite a big amount of vegan options at Moshi (there are also vegan salads, rice and other vegan sushi options available – unfortunately none of their dessert options are vegan) my lunch was quite affordable in total (most dishes were around 20 AED each). I wouldn’t necessarily recommend anyone to visit their restaurant in Al Barsha (even though the staff was really friendly) since the atmosphere wasn’t nice at all, but you can order from Moshi via phone, zomato or talabat. Now that I have discovered that I actually like vegan sushi please comment if you can recommend any other vegan-friendly sushi places in Dubai that I need to try & your favorite picks from Moshi!

Moshi – Momo & Sushi in Al Barsha

Opposite Citymax Hotel

Opening hours: 11AM to 12 midnight

+971 80066744

Moshi – Momo & Sushi in Oud Metha

Oud Metha Building, near Lamcy Plaza

Opening hours: 11AM to 12 midnight

+971 43968646

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