I always feel like there are not many vegan restaurants on the Mirdif side of Dubai. So when I checked out the restaurants in the new Mirdif 35 centre I was excited to see ‘Menagerie’ which promoted healthy eating and vegan options on their Instagram page. I then saw they had pancakes on the menu and visited it the next day! It is so difficult to find vegan pancakes in Dubai so I only hoped that Menagerie’s pancakes would not disappoint.

Menagerie has many vegan options and the option to ‘veganize’ some of the menu items. Some of the best vegan options are not featured on the menu but on the specials board and advertised on their Instagram page. I spoke to one of the waitresses who said the Head Chef likes to change the specials board occasionally to introduce new vegan options and flavours to the diners.

Matcha and Vanilla Pancakes
Buckwheat Pancakes

I tried both the pancakes they have on offer. The Buckwheat Pancakes were my favourite as they tasted like ‘real pancakes’. The Matcha and Vanilla pancakes were delicious but a little heavy and was definitely a dish to share as the portion size is quite big.

The Vegan ‘Mac no Cheese’ was advertised on the ‘specials’ board and it was my favourite dish! I cannot believe how yummy and flavourful it was and I have been back several times just for the Mac no cheese. I really hope they add this item to the main menu.

Mac No Cheese

Menagerie also has many clearly labelled vegan desserts at the counter. I tried the Chocolate Cake which was served hot and an absolute delight. Very moist and chocolatey. I do wish they would serve some vegan ice cream on the side to give it the extra kick. I also tried the Blueberry cheesecake which is one of the most popular desserts there and I could see why. Menagerie also serves many hot drinks with the option of dairy free milk.

Chocolate Cake
Blueberry Cheesecake

I cannot recommend this restaurant enough and feel very lucky to live right next to it. Try it out and let us know your favourite dish!


Mirdif 35

Opening hours: Sun – Sat 8AM to 10PM

+971 45509246


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