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Vegan Chia Muffin at Le Pain Quotidien in Dubai
February 2019 Update:
I wish I had taken a picture of it but I was too excited to try the Vegan Baguette French Toast from La Pain Quotidien, which I just spotted on the menu this January. It was the first vegan French Toast I ever tried and I was not disappointed! They have added a few more vegan options to their menu and are even providing non-plastic straws now! 

Vegan Organic Oatmeal

Le Pain Quotidien has recently updated their menu (at least in the Middle East) and now clearly marks their vegan options. While I first got introduced to Le Pain Quotidien in Kuwait (not vegan at that point), I already liked the French concept with the wooden chairs and freshly baked bread two years ago. Now, living in Dubai as a vegan, Le Pain Quotidien is one of the places that I like to stop by for both a vegan breakfast of lunch / dinner. Their menu is simple and doesn’t offer a thousand options, but what they have is definitely good!

The main reason why I continued going to LPQ after turning vegan was their Vegan Bean Chili – it’s super tasty, filling, healthy and served with two slices of fresh, organic bread. The second reason is their oatmeal. I’m having oatmeal for breakfast like 90% of the time and I can’t get enough of it, so when I make it out of the house for breakfast it’s hard to say no to Le Pain Quotidien’s vegan oatmeal topped with fruits, nuts and figs!

Vegan Coconut and Chia Seed Pudding from Le Pain Quotidien in Dubai
Vegan Coconut and Chia Seed Pudding

However this time I wanted to try the sweet vegan options from their menu and ordered the Coconut and Chia Seed Pudding and the VEGAN CHIA SEED MUFFIN. Actually, the muffin was not on the menu as a clearly vegan and organic choice (all organic and vegan options are labeled with a small carrot) but that was the waiter’s answer on my question about their sweet vegan options. Living in the Middle East on a plant based diet is not so difficult, but when you are not so much into cooking and baking as I am then everything vegan that’s freshly baked and sweets that you can just conveniently get somewhere in the mall is something special for you! It was filled with fresh blueberries and crispy from the outside as it was covered in chia seeds. I absolutely loved it and I know I will stop by and grab one on my break at Mall of the Emirates sooner or later again (it’s 14 AED and just 4 AED more expensive than my normal ‘Sugar Donut from Starbucks Cheat’ and definitely healthier).

The Coconut and Chia Seed Pudding was of the same amazing quality and flavor – I hadn’t been a big fan of Chia Seed Puddings until then, but this one finally managed to convince me. Chia Seeds in Coconut Milk topped with your choice of either raspberries or one more fruit, which I don’t remember. If you ask me, perfect for desert after a light salad or as a light breakfast.

Vegan Bruschetta at Le Pain Quotidien
Vegan Bruschetta

In terms of savory dishes I have tried the Avocado Toast and the Bruschetta. The Avocado Toast is a great takeaway when on a rush (don’t forget to get the Chia Seed Muffin as dessert). It’s fresh and not boring at all since it’s topped with chia seeds and virgin olive oil. The vegan Bruschetta isn’t served as you are used to from Bruschetta – at Le Pain Quotidien they bring you two slices of the organic bread with a bowl of chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, radish and olive oil and balsamic vinegar and you can put everything on yourself. Luckily, the server kindly informed us about it so I wasn’t surprised about it when it arrived. All I can say about it though is that I love their bread (it was a little boring but super fresh).

Even though I am aware of the fact that Le Pain Quotidien offers more vegan options in other corners of the world, I’m totally satisfied with their selection, quality and especially taste of vegan dishes in Dubai! Stop by for breakfast, lunch, dinner or tea at one of their seven branches and you won’t be disappointed – it’s clearly one of these places where you know what you get no matter where you go.

LPQ at Mall of the Emirates

Ground Level close to Zara

Opening hours: 8AM to 1AM

+971 44190514

LPQ at Dubai Mall

Level 1, near Cinema Parking

Opening hours: Sun – Wed 8AM to 11PM, Thu – Sat 8AM to 12 midnight

+971 44190375

LPQ at Marina Mall

Ground Level

Opening hours: Sat – Wed 8AM to 11PM, Thu – Fri 8AM to 12 midnight

+971 44190595

LPQ at Mirdif City Center

Level 1

Opening hours: Sat – Wed 8AM to 12 midnight, Thu-Fri 8AM to 1AM

+971 42316691

LPQ at Trade Center Area

21st Century Tower, near Financial Center Metro Station

Opening hours: 6:30AM to 1AM

+971 44550000


Opening hours: Sat-Wed 6:30AM to 11:30PM, Thu-Fri 6:30AM to 12:30AM

+971 44190062

LPQ at Dubai International Airport

Terminal 3, near Gate A5

Opening hours: 24/7

+971 42395903

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