Khaymat Al Bahar

Delicious vegan appetizers at Khaymat al Bahar

I absolutely love going out for dinner at the Madinat in Jumeirah – there are so many choices and most of them have a nice view on the course of the river and after dining there’s always the option of getting lost in the endless stalls of the Souk in Madinat or having a drink in one of the bars! However, sometimes I actually preferred not to go because of too many tourists being around. Living in Dubai just wants you to rest from this noisy and overwhelming city occasionally – especially during tourist’s peak seasons. Trying to avoid wandering around at the crowded Madinat dying to find a nice restaurant for dinner I stumbled upon Khaymat Al Bahar on zomato – a poolside Lebanese restaurant, which is part of the Al Qasr Hotel in Madinat Jumeirah.

Making a reservation was super easy: they actually kind of have a call center for reservations of all the higher end restaurants in Jumeirah and if we would have told them we were booking a table for a special occasion we would have gotten a table right at the pool as well!

Terrace at Khaymat al Bahar in Jumeirah
Terrace at Khaymat al Bahar

Another thing I like about the Madinat is the fact that parking is for free unless you stay like a ridiculously long time for dinner. Anyways, we went there and hopped on one of the abras, which took us to the closest stop to Khaymat al Bahar (and the fun of taking a boat to have dinner is for free as well!).

Since we didn’t lie about not visiting for a special occasion we got a nice but not amazing table on the outside terrace with view on the pool and the hotel. The staff was super nice and provided us with olives as an entree. As expected from a Middle Eastern restaurant Khaymat al Bahar didn’t offer any vegan main dishes, which has never been a problem for me since I just love hommous & co too much!

Delicious vegan appetizers at Khaymat al Bahar
Delicious vegan appetizers

We went for a selection of cold mezzeh: Khamyat Hommous, Moutabel, Fattoush, Warak Enab Bil Zaite (stuffed vine leaves) as well as a Lentil Soup and Falafel. Everything was super tasty but nothing really stood out as the best… I’ve had so far; the Hommous was creamy, well seasoned, topped with roasted pine seeds and accommodated by typical Arabic pita bread, which I love when it’s served warm. The Falafel was delicious and crispy as well! Other than our choice of appetizers I saw Hindbee Bil Zaite on the menu – freshly sautéed Dandelion Leaves with Onion, Olive Oil and Lemon Juice which I will definitely try the next time!

Khaymat al Bahar at Al Qasr Hotel
Khaymat al Bahar

All in all I had an unforgettable and delicious dinner experience at Khaymat al Bahar. The scenery is lovely and there was even a great and entertaining belly dancing show while we were dining. Overall it wasn’t as crowded as some of the other restaurants in Madinat Jumeirah and the prices were totally all right as well (e.g. 37 AED for the Khaymat Hommous) for it being rated as a “luxury” restaurant – I found it was rather semi formal anyways. Since the restaurant is part of the Al Qasr Hotel you can have drinks there as well! Absolutely a great place to take family and friends to enjoy a nice, affordable, in-style and regional dinner! Make sure you book a table though and take the boat to the restaurant!

Khaymat al Bahar at Al Qasr Hotel

Madinat Jumeirah

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