Jelly Belly Ice Cream

Jelly Belly Ice Cream

To be honest I do not even remember the last time I had vegan ice cream – maybe it came down to me being too lazy to find new options or just living a healthier life. Who knows? Anyways, I was very excited to hear that Jelly Belly Ice Cream has launched a new vegan flavor (additionally to their range of vegan sorbets!) and went to taste it!

So, let’s review the ice cream first: the new vegan chocolate coconut flavor is made out of coconut milk, coconut flakes and Belgian dark chocolate. I absolutely loved it. When I saw it first (the color is a mix between light brown and beige) I was afraid that the chocolate taste was not going to be dominant enough next to the coconut. This was not the case at all – both flavors were well balanced, the ice cream was very smooth and I really liked the addition of small coconut flakes!

Vegan sorbets

After trying this one I went on to sampling the selection of vegan sorbets. When I visited there were 11 different flavors and the staff was so friendly to have my try almost all of them. It was difficult to choose my favorite. There were some exotic ones like pomegranate and lemon lime as well as more common ones like mango, blueberry and blackberry. All of them tasted very true in flavor and not too sweet. I really liked the blueberry one and ended up with the tangerine additionally to the chocolate scoop!

What made my experience even better was the fact that the staff was so accommodating, friendly and excited about the new vegan ice cream flavor. They really took time to have me pick my favorite one and share their favorite ones with me as well! Since I was so blown away I totally forgot the check out the possible vegan toppings, but I’m sure one would be able to find one at least (but the chocolate coconut flavor really doesn’t need any toppings).

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