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Vegan donuts from Il Donaccino in Dubai JLT

February 2019 Update:

Il Donaccino is still the place to order from if you want vegan donuts in Dubai. Since this post from 2016 they have continued to add new options to their menu and there are 15 different vegan donuts available now. Some of the new ones are Vegan Double Dark Chocolate (filled) or Vegan Peanut Butter. Their prices have gone up slightly since 2016 (the Vegan D’Original is now 6 AED and the more special ones go up to 12 AED per piece), however I still think they are great value for money and to be honest, what hasn’t become more expensive in Dubai in the past three years?

Literally finding out about vegan donuts in Dubai made me wanting to start this blog. I felt like having something sugary, unhealthy other than oreos and was checking out desert options on talabat (not really expecting much vegan food to come out of this research) – and found Il Donaccino eggless donuts! I was like okay – they’re eggless, but are they also free of any other animal produce? Called them and they confirmed that some of them are! I actually could not believe that vegan donuts are available in Dubai and it took me five months of living in Dubai until I found out. This is when I realized only by doing extensive research I will find out about all these hidden vegan treasures in Dubai.

vegan donuts from Il Donaccino in JLT in Dubai
Il Donaccino in JLT

However – Il Donaccino offers six different vegan donuts, which you can either order via talabat, via phone or visit their bakery in JLT. They also offer a selection of coffee and a few cupcakes (not vegan). The first time I ordered via talabat I went for all six of them: the D’Original, the Glazed Cinnamon, the Hello Berry, the Apple Cider Glazed, the Tangerine and the one filled with Strawberry, which is currently available as the Donut of the Month! Unfortunately the Glazed Caramel donut is not suitable for vegans (and I have to admit I only found out about this after having it once and rating it as my favorite one), since they are using butter for the caramel coat.

Vegan Donuts from Il Donaccino in JLT
Vegan Donuts from Il Donaccino in JLT

One week later I actually visited their little café in JLT and satisfied myself with my favorite ones: the D’Original (glazed with sugar), the Glazed Cinnamon (glazed and dusted with cinnamon), the Hello Berry (dusted with sugar and filled with blueberries), the one filled with strawberry and the Apple Cider Glazed (glazed with sugar and filled with apple, just like the Hello Berry). The only one that I didn’t order again (besides the Glazed Caramel) was the Tangerine, which is similar to the Apple Cider Glazed just filled with passion fruit instead. The passion fruit just tasted a little artificial to me. Costs? They are super affordable even compared to prices back home. You pay 5 AED each for the original ones and 6 AED for the filled ones – and it even gets cheaper once you order half dozen (24 AED for original ones and 30 AED for filled ones) or one dozen (36 AED for original ones and 45 AED for filled ones). Next time I will even try to pre-order some customized ones!

Il Donaccino

Lake Terrace, Cluster D, JLT

Opening hours: Sat-Thu 8AM to 10PM, Fri 4PM to 10PM

+971 42767110

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