Hans im Glück

Vegan Burger "Butterbirne" at Hans im Glück in Regensburg

This was not my first time at Hans im Glück – but my first time there being vegan. Hans im Glück is a rather new chain restaurant in Germany with more than 20 branches at the moment all across the country. All of their restaurant are styled in the same trendy interior with wooden chairs and tables as well as tree trunks scattered through the rooms. The focus is on offering a wide range of different burgers for lunch, dinner and cocktail nights. However, if you are a fan of fresh, creative salads you will love this place as well!

The Menu at Hans im Glück in Regensburg
The Menu at Hans im Glück

It was a nice warm summer night when I visited and like everyone else we decided to go for a table outside on the terrace, which is basically located in the middle of Regensburg’s old town. I had previously checked the menu and still couldn’t believe that there were three completely different entirely vegan burgers available! I was so excited that I wanted to try all of them, but in the end decided that one would be enough and picked the “Butterbirne” – the burger itself contained mostly of wheat and was garnished with creamy avocado, baby spinach and an orange mustard sauce! Both burger buns, between which I can choose additionally to the option of having a bun less burger, are vegan and I picked the multi-grain bun. As you can imagine there are countless options for burgers containing meat, but surprisingly also seven different vegetarian burgers! Sweet potato fries and a small salad were our side orders.

Small vegan Salad at Hans in Glück in Regensburg
Small Salad

The burger was absolutely delicious! It tasted super fresh and flavorsome (especially due to the avocado and orange-mustard sauce) and I was super impressed! The same is applicable to the small salad and the sweet potato fries that I had ordered. The salad was super fresh, garnished with sunflower seeds and tossed in a vegan nut dressing while the fries were crispy, hot and the best part: there was an unlimited amount of 4 sauces available on every table and 2 of them were labeled as vegan!

Vegan sweet potato fries at Hans im Glück in Regensburg
Sweet potato fries

During the process of ordering my food the waitress was super friendly and knowledgeable about which buns and sauces are vegan and made me feel like I was in a vegan paradise. From previous visits I know that their cocktails are excellent and they offer special prices if you have a cocktail or beer and a burger after 5PM. Obviously I paid less than I would have paid for the same amount and quality of food in the UAE, but compared to local prices in Bavaria, this was absolutely okay! Visit this place with your non-vegan and vegan friends and family any time of the year to enjoy a great selection of burgers, salads and drinks! And again don’t hesitate to ask to modify any of the burgers or salads as per your whishes.

Hans im Glück Regensburg Innenstadt

Kohlenmarkt 6

93047 Regensburg

Opening hours: 11AM – 12 midnight

+49 941 38219591


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