Golden Fried Tofu at Fuchsia in Dubai

February 2019 Update:

Since my first visit I went to Fuchsia’s newer branch in Bay Square a couple of times and am still a huge fan of their food & concept. Dishes are now labelled vegan / vegan on request, which makes dining with them even easier and there’s a new weekend brunch menu with even more vegan options (Acai Bowl, Green Goodness Bowl and more).

The past week has brought two huge disappointments to me in terms of vegan restaurants in Dubai: Firstly I found out through social media that the only truly vegan restaurant in Dubai – Tidjoori – has closed. It made me sad to hear and I wondered if it was due to a lack of business, but according to their statement there was an issue with the landlord and Tidjoori will be back soon! Secondly, a couple of days later I attempted to reserve a table for dinner at one of my other most favorite and vegan-friendly restaurants in Dubai – Mango Tree, a Thai restaurant, in Souk al Bahar. I had never been able to get a table on their balcony with fountain view since I always just walked in without having a reservation, so that day I figured to be smart and book a table in advance. After trying their phone number around ten times – I had to be informed by the receptionist at Souk al Bahar that Mango Tree had been closed two weeks ago. Two closures of my Top 10 vegan restaurants in Dubai in one week. No more words needed.

Nevertheless, I was still hungry and kind of felt like eating Thai – zomato, tripadvisor and co offered thousands of Thai restaurants and just because it wasn’t too far away, rated well and affordable I chose to check out Fuchsia in Tecom.

Fuchsia in Tecom Dubai
Fuchsia in Tecom

I would describe Fuchsia as a modern and casual Thai restaurant with a few westernized and authentically Asian dishes. They’ve got indoor and outdoor seating in the back of the restaurant, which is cute and comfortable but sort of like a hallway for people passing through and going to the Geant or pharmacy next door. If you prefer privacy and a quite environment I’d recommend you option for a table inside.

Fuchsia has a good selection of starters, soups and salads as well as dim sum, curries, seafood, wok and rice and noodle dishes. Simply being hungry and not so adventurous I preferred trying a handful of my all-time favorite vegan Thai dishes. I got Vegetable Spring Rolls and Golden Fried Tofu as starters.

Vegetable Spring Rolls at Fuchsia in Dubai
Vegetable Spring Rolls

They were served quickly, fresh and nicely decorated and all I can say is: I discovered THE Vegetable Spring Rolls in Dubai – crispy, tasty, perfect in size and flavor (sometimes the vegetable filling just tastes like nothing, but these vegetables actually still had a fresh and well seasoned taste!). The Golden Fried Tofu served with Spicy Peanut Sauce was absolutely delicious as well! Even though these are the only two vegan starters on the menu – they are worth visiting Fuchsia already! Other than that I could have chosen the Clear Soup with White Mushrooms and Glass Noodles or the Papaya Salad.

Golden Fried Tofu at Fuchsia in Dubai
Golden Fried Tofu

While enjoying my two deep-fried starters I was sipping on my first Thai Ice-Tea ever – a black tea (a mix of star anise, cardamom and vanilla bean) combined with coconut milk. It was good and the coconut milk made it sweet, and refreshing, but I had never been a big fan of tea with milk so it’s not going to become my new favorite drink.

Wok Fried Quinoa at Fuchsia Dubai
Wok Fried Quinoa

The menu offers a variety of vegan main dishes: Green or Red Curry with Vegetables, Stir Fried Beans and Vegetables, Traditional Flat Noodles, Stir Fried Noodles or Flat Rice Noodles. Unfortunately I didn’t try any of these since the Wok Fried Quinoa from the special monthly Menu sounded more appealing to me. It’s actually prepared with eggs, but the staff was super accommodating offering to remove the egg and it turned out to be really good. The quinoa was fried with snow peas, carrots, bok choy and super flavorful and filling! Even though this is not a traditional Thai meal I was inspired by the concoction of Thai spices and vegetables with quinoa.

Water Chestnuts in Coconut Milk at Fuchsia in Dubai
Water Chestnuts in Coconut Milk

Finishing my dinner I couldn’t resist trying the Water Chestnuts in Coconut Milk on Ice (Tub Tim Grob). The water chestnuts are covered in tapioca flour and red food coloring and then served in coconut milk and crushed ice. At first it reminded me a little bit on jelly in coconut milk. It was super sweet and refreshing and the chestnuts were a little crunchy inside, which made it even better than jelly!

I have to admit that Fuchsia can not make up for the quality of food and atmosphere that I had experienced at Mango Tree before – but it’s a totally different concept, too! The prices at Fuchsia are much more budget friendly and the quality of the food is good! Just last night I even tried their delivery service (call, or online on zomato or talabat) and was just as convinced of service and food as I was when visiting their restaurant! According to zomato there is going to be a second branch opening in Business Bay soon and I’m sure it’s just going to be as successful!


Two Towers, Al Khareef Road, Tecom

+971 44573759

Business Bay

Bay Square

+971 44253080

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