Fruteiro Do Brasil

Natural and Vegan Passion Fruit Popsicle at Fruteiro Do Brasil in JBR in Dubai

February 2019 Update:

Fruteiro Do Brasil is still available in Dubai, but just not in JBR anymore. Their new locations are in DIFC and Souk Madinat.

Whenever I spend time in JBR I automatically feel like as if I am on vacation. I don’t know if it’s just because of the beach, or the restaurants & hotels or simply because of all the tourists around. But anyways – a mini staycation like this (even if it’s just for a couple of hours) calls for immediate satisfaction of my vegan ice cream cravings. Dri Dri Gelato offers amazing natural fruit sorbets, but this time it had to be something new so I stopped by Fruteiro Do Brasil, which is located right next to Eggspectation.

Fruit Popsicles at Fruteiro Do Brasil in JBR in Dubai
Fruit Popsicles

Fruteiro Do Brasil is a juice bar concept, which originated in Italy using frozen tropical fruit pulp from Brazil. They set themselves apart by offering fruits like acerola, cajá and graviola, which are not very common neither in Europe nor Asia. Besides fresh fruit juices and smoothies you can get a fresh coconut, fruit popsicles or a smoothie bowl there. You can modify everything as per your wishes (coconut or almond milk instead of regular milk) or add ‘superfoods’ such as nuts, chia seeds, dates and much more!

Vegan Choco Acai Bowl at Fruteiro Do Brasil in JBR in Dubai
Choco Acai Bowl

I stopped by just after dinner and actually wasn’t hungry at all anymore but wanted to try their Choco – Acai Bowl really bad. It’s originally made with acai, banana, cocoa powder and low fat yogurt but it was really easy to swap the yogurt with coconut milk (they were out of almond milk). There are four other vegan / easily veganizable bowls available but I wanted something with chocolate. I optioned for the bigger size for 54 AED (please don’t ask me why – it was huge!!) and was a little disappointed about the plain look when I saw it. Maybe I should have added some extras for it to be more exciting. The taste was okay, not amazing, just really rich in cocoa so that you could barely taste the acai.

Before I left I grabbed one of the passion fruit popsicles (15 AED) and absolutely loved it. It was as flavorful as eating the fruit itself. Definitely something I can recommend especially since they don’t use coloring or preservatives.

Even though I didn’t try any of their juices I value the fact that Fruteiro Do Brasil has a great emphasize on healthy drinks and snacks and can recommend a visit while hanging out at JBR. Lots of their smoothies contain nutrient-rich foods like flax seeds, cashews, kale, spirulina, spinach or blueberry. You can even purchase home made coconut or almond milk and I’ll for sure try another one of their bowls in the future! Please comment with your favorite picks at Fruteiro Do Brasil for my next visit 😉

Fruteiro Do Brasil DIFC

Between Gate Precinct Building 1 & 2

Opening hours: Sun – Thu 8AM to 6PM, Fri & Sat 11AM to 6PM

+971 504880284

Fruteiro Do Brasil Souk Madinat

Ground Level

Opening hours: 10AM to 10.30PM every day


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