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My last vegan pizza from Freedom Pizza in Dubai

Freedom Pizza is by far the most vegan friendly pizzeria in Dubai, they now offer this delicious new sandwich with vegan meatloaf containing only the freshest ingredients, carrots,onions,celery,tomatoes mushrooms and garlic. their multigrain bread is baked fresh everyday so you can be guaranteed that it will taste fantastic! If you are craving for a healthy quick lunch this vegan tartina is the perfect fit for you!

Vegan Sandwich

Especially after the temporary closure of Tidjoori (the only entirely vegan restaurant in Dubai) Freedom Pizza has become one of the places where I order from at least once a week! Why? They’ve got vegan cheese!

Vegan Pizza from Freedom Pizza in Dubai
Vegan Pizza

Freedom Pizza has got 5 branches in Dubai and just opened their first one in Abu Dhabi. They advertise with the fact that they only use the best ingredients from local businesses. The veggies for their pizzas and salads are supplied by Greenheart Organic Farms from the UAE, their hormone free chicken comes from M&J Chickens in Australia and their gluten-free products such as the gluten-free crust and some of the desserts are made by Skinny Genie in Dubai (unfortunately non of the gluten-free products are eggless though). But on top of that: the vegan cheese is free from soya and lactose! Having said that, Freedom Pizza is currently the only place in Dubai that offers vegan pizza with vegan cheese (if you know better, please let me know!).

My last vegan pizza from Freedom Pizza in Dubai
My last order

They offer custom-made pizzas or a selection of their best ones (which you can modify as well), salads, some sides and desserts. In terms of pizza you have a lot of choice – even being vegan: it’s either the normal or skinny crust (the gluten-free option is not vegan) and you can pick any of the sauces. Add your favorite veggies and top it with vegan cheese (extra 10 AED). I’ve tried the Spring Green Pizza and the Plant Eater Pizza and liked both of them a lot but just prefer creating my own one depending on what I feel like eating!

Once I tried the Superfoods Organic Salad as well and was satisfied with the freshness of it: baby spinach, basil, rocket, kale, purslane and spring onion topped with dried cranberries, toasted almonds and pumpkin seeds! For the dressing you can choose between the apple vinegar & spice dressing, the raspberry & pepper vinaigrette (my favorite) or the satay dressing – all vegan! The second all vegan salad is the Herb Infused Organic Garden Salad and all other ones can easily be made vegan by removing the cheese / chicken.

Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake from Coco Yogo at Freedom Pizza
Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake

But as if that wouldn’t be enough yet they also offer desserts from Coco Yogo: another local company which offers a range of dairy-free products such as coconut yoghurt, desserts and cakes. Freedom Pizza has the Strawberry Cheesecake and the Mango Pasho Cheesecake on their dessert menu and they are both absolutely delicious! They come in a small pot and contain of one layer of a gluten free almond mixture topped with one layer of cashew and coconut cream filling topped with strawberry / mango compote.

Basically Freedom Pizza offers everything I could have ever asked for when it comes to vegan pizza – definitely one of the fast food chains where vegans don’t feel like having to eliminate all ingredients to be able to order something. The last thing I want to highlight is their nutrition information on their website – you can not only check for the allergens in all ingredients, it also shows you exactly the amount of calories, protein, sugar, etc. for every product. I normally order on talabat and they deliver my pizza in under 30 minutes (!). You can call them as well though – even for a midnight snack, since they are open until 2 AM!

Update 27th of July 2016:

Freedom Pizza has launched a vegan sausage (not too soft and with great taste) as a topping option for their pizzas! I absolutely love it and I hope you will, too 🙂

Update 29th of August 2016:

Raw Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream from Coco Yogo
Raw Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream

Freedom Pizza has extended their vegan desserts from Coco Yogo – they now offer a vegan Ice Cream (chocolate, strawberry and vanilla) and the vegan Banoffee Pie as well! The Ice Cream is creamy and a delicious coconut based treat while the Banoffee Pie is a little sweeter and consists of Cashew Cream, Banana, Raw Cacao and an Avocado Cacao Mouse – a super satisfying vegan chocolate dessert.

Update 2nd of January 2017:

Freedom Pizza’s gluten-free crust is now totally vegan as well. It’s thin, crispy, light & delicious!

Update 27th of June 2017

Freedom pizza now offers new desserts, raw vegan ice cream sandwiches which are perfect for anyone! they are raw, gluten free and delicious perfect for summer!

The also have added these raw vegan salted caramel cheesecakes and they are to die for! full of flavor and so refreshing!


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