Foul W Hummus

Falafel from Foul W Hummus in Al Barsha

Falafel? I had never been a big fan of these small fried balls, which basically consist of chickpeas and a couple of spices and fresh herbs. They count as traditional Middle Eastern food and are commonly eaten either in a sandwich (in pita bread) or just as a snack on it’s own. You can typically order them in any kind of Middle Eastern restaurant from Egyptian to Emirati cuisine. So far my chickpea addiction was primarily focused on hummus (mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic) – until I got introduced to Foul W Hummus in Al Barsha.

It’s a really small food stand close to the Sharaf DG Metro Station where you can watch the cook preparing endless falafel sandwiches. They offer all kinds of foul (cooked fava beans), variations of hummus, a few egg-dishes and falafel in all kind of states (as a snack, with salad, as a sandwich). I wouldn’t recommend for anyone to go there and sit down and order food but I can highly recommend stopping by and grabbing your food (lots of people actually do that and that’s why you can never find a parking spot right in front of their shop) or calling them for delivery. The service isn’t great (sometimes I have to repeat my order a couple of times to ensure they understood me correctly since their level of English is rather really basic) and neither is atmosphere, but the food is super delicious. Normally I get some hummus and just a couple of falafel from them. The hummus is tasty, served with a lot of oil and garlic, but nothing extraordinary. What really makes me come back every time are their falafel, because they actually have a great taste, are crispy from the outside and not dry from the inside (lots of other ones I had tried before were tasteless and just really dry) and they only cost 1 AED for three pieces. Ten of them fill me up easily with a little bit of salad and hummus on the side! A couple of days ago I selected the mutabal (cooked and mashed eggplant with onions, olive oil and spices) instead of the hummus and it didn’t disappoint either!

If you are around in Al Barsha (it’s close to the Mall of the Emirates) you should definitely stop by at Foul W Hummus and give these authentic vegan snacks and dishes a try!

Foul W Hummus

Al Barsha 1, Behind Sharaf DG Metro Station

Opening hours: 8AM to 2AM

+971 43957767

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