Fasting & Detox Retreat in Chang Mai

Fasting & Detox Retreat in Chang Mai

If you have scrolled through the blog posts on my website you will have noticed that I have tried juice fasting previously and absolutely loved the positive effects on my body & mind. Whilst I never lasted longer than three days (since I was working at the same time) I can only encourage everyone to try it for longer as well. I didn’t only feel more energized but also lightened throughout the process.

Malcolm Slyper (Detox and Fasting Specialist) and Alona Chyrva (Yoga, Nutrition and Wellness Coach) are hosting a ten day Fasting & Detox Retreat in Chang Mai (Thailand) from December 1st – 10th 2019.

This retreat offers an amazing opportunity to disconnect from daily routines and focus on oneself’s, rejuvenate your body and reclaim your vigor with expertise supervision in the lush nature of Chang Mai.

After juice fasting for seven days the fast will be broken with light fruit meals to allow the stomach to slowly adapt to a normal eating regime again. This will be catered by the Organic Raw Food restaurant on side, which grows all their fruits & vegetables on side. The package also includes two massages, mild daily yoga, daily meditation, use of facilities as well as individual monitoring during and after the fast and much more. You can find all the details on this link.

Fasting & Detox Retreat in Chang Mai (Thailand)

1st – 10th of December 2019

Hosts: Malcolm Slyper & Alona Chyvra

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