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Vegan Snickers Bar from Edible Arrangements in Dubai

February 2019 Update:

Edible Arrangements does not have their booth at the Dubai Mall anymore, but you can still visit their branch in Al Barsha or simply order online for a perfect vegan gift!

Have you ever felt like just a bouquet of flowers is way too boring? Well, Edible Arrangements, a well-established chain from the USA, has the perfect solution for that. They offer a wide range of fruit baskets and bouquets, which look just as awesome as flowers, but are obviously healthy and edible, too!

Edible Arrangements at the Dubai Mall
Edible Arrangements at the Dubai Mall

There are several branches in the UAE and Dubai and one of them doesn’t only offer dipped fruits, juices, fruit baskets and bouquets but also delicious vegan treats! In Dubai Mall, close to the food court on the second level you can find a small stand from Edible Arrangements, which has snacks to-go. Besides a couple of fruit juices, smoothies, dipped fruits and fresh cut fruits I found a vegan snickers bar, a vegan granola bar, and vegan date balls. All three of them were clearly marked as vegan and of course I had to try them!

My favorite one is the raw superfood snickers bar (for 10AED each) – made out of three layers (chocolate at the bottom and then topped with nuts and a cream of peanut butter) it was super soft and absolutely delicious. If you love chocolate and peanut butter and you’re craving a snickers bar frequently you shouldn’t miss out on this one.

Vegan Date Ball at Edible Arrangements in Dubai
Vegan Date Ball

Next I tried the Date Balls (for 5AED each). I certainly like dates, but most of the times date balls just taste a little boring to me. So did these. Even though they’re super sweet and covered in coconut flakes I felt like I might as well just eat a date instead and have the same taste experience.

Raw Granola Bar from Edible Arrangements at Dubai Mall
Raw Granola Bar

Last but not least I ended my afternoon vegan snack party with the raw granola bars (also for 10AED each). These were wrapped into a small paper and tied up, which made them look super cute already. To be honest, I didn’t expect the granola bar to taste great, since most of them are always just healthy to me. However this one is an exception: made out of a variety of nuts, dried cranberries and oats it is one of the most flavorsome granola bars I’ve had ever since I started my plantbased diet.

Even though I can’t comment on the actual product of Edible Arrangements, which are the flower bouquets and baskets – I wanted to share these three amazing and affordable snacks, which you can find at the Dubai Mall, with you. I’ve only checked with one other branch in Dubai (the one in Al Barsha) and they don’t have these snacks for walk-ins. Also they aren’t mentioned in any of the menus I could find online. If you have more experience with their assortment let me know, these bouquets look so delicious and I’m sure one day I’ll have an occasion to order one!

Edible Arrangements Dubai Mall

Next to the food court on the 2nd Level

Opening hours: Sun – Thu 8AM to 10PM, Fri 12AM to 9PM

Additional branches without the vegan snacks for walk-ins:

Edible Arrangements at Bay Avenue Mall

Edible Arrangements in Al Barsha (close to Sharaf DG)

Edible Arrangements near Wafi Mall



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