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Vegan Fruit Sorbets at Dri Dri in JBR in Dubai

February 2019 Update:

Dri Dri is now only available on JBR, however still has a great range of sorbets!

If you live in Dubai as a vegan, you have probably experienced how important it is to know every single vegan ice cream spot in the city – if you haven’t been here yet, I’m sure you’ll find out as soon as you touch ground in the UAE. It can get really hot. Even though I’m a huge chocolate addict and always prefer vegan chocolate ice cream over anything else, I could never say no to a good vegan fruit sorbet.

Vegan Sorbets at Dri Dri in Dubai
Vegan Sorbets at Dri Dri

Luckily, I’ve now stopped by at Dri Dri, a small Ice Cream Shop at JBR, which has a fantastic choice of fruit sorbets! All their ice cream is prepared freshly every day in store. When we stopped by at night it wasn’t crowded and we could choose between the green apple, orange, lemon, kiwi, strawberry, pink grapefruit, peach and mango. A small cup costs 19 AED (two flavors), a medium one 29 AED (3 flavors) and a large one 39 AED (4 flavors). We tried the green apple, orange, kiwi, strawberry and pink grapefruit. All of the five flavors were creamy, tasty and natural. My favorite ones were the pink grapefruit and the kiwi though – simply because of their flavorsome but still natural taste and it’s something you can’t get everywhere.

Dri Dri Gelato has a second outlet at the Boxpark in Dubai and I can highly recommend to stop by and try any of their vegan fruit sorbets to cool yourself down in the heat. So far this is probably the best choice of fruit sorbets I’ve experienced in Dubai (the Atlantis Waterpark has a similar one!). Tip: If it gets too hot outside try their delivery via Deliveroo!

Dri Dri at JBR

Close to the Cheesecake Factory

Opening hours: Sat-Wed 10AM to 12 midnight, Thu-Fri 10AM to 1AM

+971 45530647

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