DIY 3 Day Juice Cleanse

My 5 Juices for Day 1

It’s Ramadan – and living in the Dubai means you actually have to adjust your daily habits to the change of do’s and dont’s in Dubai. I’ve experienced my first Ramadan in the Middle East in Kuwait last year and greatly enjoyed it. Finally there was no traffic going to work in the morning anymore and everything was so calm and peaceful! Whilst I wasn’t drinking and eating in public after sunrise and before sunset in Kuwait either, I now appreciate the fact of living in an environment with more expats which means there are open food courts and you can order almost everything for delivery during the day. Since I still don’t see myself fasting for even one single day (mostly because I’m imagining it to be so difficult and I would just be overeating like crazy during the night) I wanted to at least clean my body in a different way. Time for the second try of my 3 Day DIY Juice Cleanse.

Why second try? Well I tried the same last year with a friend of mine (when I was still eating meat, eggs and dairy) but instead of using a juicer we were convinced that this would work out with a blender as well. It didn’t. A juicer is not the same as a blender. The main difference is that the juicer actually discards the fiber of the fruits and vegetables while the blender just shreds everything into tiny pieces. And all our juices turned out to be more vegetable smoothies. Not good.

Omega Horizontal Cold Press Juicer
Omega Horizontal Cold Press Juicer

More than a year later, now being vegan and living in Dubai, I have gotten myself a proper juicer. It’s a low speed masticating horizontal juicer from Omega. Due to its low speed it minimizes loss of nutrition through heat or oxidation. Also you can make your own soymilk and nut butter with it for example. I got it at Galeries Layafette in the Dubai Mall. That’s basically the second reason why I decided to do a DIY juice cleanse. I have this amazing juicer but barely ever use it and was hoping to get into a habit of using it when being forced to for three days and trying new recipes at the same time!

Kale, Cucumber, Apple and Lemon for one of the vegan juices
Kale, Cucumber, Apple and Lemon

I did some online research a couple of days before I started to find recipes and tips for my juices and finally decided to follow the recipes from Curiously Conscious. It’s five different juices plus a self-made cashew nut milk at night per day and you can find a shopping list as well as all the recipes on the blog. I did my shopping at Lulu in Al Barsha, found all ingredients there easily right away and spend around 200 AED for everything for the three days. I recommend you get more cucumbers and leafy greens (such as spinach and kale) then listed though to ensure you always get enough juice out of your vegetables!

In total I probably spend 5-6 hours cutting and juicing all these vegetables and fruits for all the juices for three days, which of course sounds like a lot of effort, but in the end I didn’t spend much time eating (since drinking a juice goes much quicker than eating a meal) and no time cooking. Some of the juices I even prepared in advance for all three days since you can keep them in the fridge for up to three days anyways, so if you wanted to you could prepare everything on day 1 and then simply keep it in the fridge.

Selfmade Cashwenut Milk on my last night
Self-made cashew nut milk on my last night

So how did I feel? If I’d say five juices per day plus a self-made cashew nut milk filled me up I’d be lying. The first day was alright; I was super happy that all the juices actually tasted good – however I got really hungry at like mid-day of day 2, and I’d say I was almost constantly hungry on day 3 (and I got really moody because of that as well). But in the end I was proud to have sticked to my three day juice plan without cheating and felt a lot slimmer and energetic afterwards! From now on I’ll definitely juice more often again since I could basically feel how the juices were giving me energy and filling my body with nutrients (and I even juiced beetroot which I normally hate and absolutely loved the juice). I can only recommend juicing to everyone for a couple of days to detox your body – if you do not have your own juicer or don’t have as much time, there are plenty of Juice Cleanses available in Dubai – but as you can imagine, they’ll cost you a little more than what I’ve spent.






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