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Detox & Diet Juice Cleanse in Dubai

February 2019 Update:

Detox & Diet does no longer exist. Do not worry there are still plenty of juice delivery choices out there in Dubai. Try the Kold Press Juice Kompany, Organic Press or Go Organic ME.

I did it again! After too many vegan cookies, ice creams and daily chocolate cravings I knew the only way out would be another juice cleanse. Instead of making my own juices again, I tried a two day juice cleanse from Detox & Diet.

Detox & Diet offers 3, 5 or 7-day detox programs as a gentle, medium or deep cleanse. To start a juice cleanse all you have to do is go online, decide for your depth of cleanse (if this is your first one you should obviously pick the “gentle” cleanse) and the length of the cleanse (again, if this is the first time you are doing a juice cleanse a 3 day try-out should do it as a start). Detox & Diet will take care of everything else for you. Your juices will be delivered the night before your cleanse starts and you’ll receive an e-mail about what to do before your juice cleanse and how to behave during your juice cleanse. Since I only had 4 juices per day I was allowed to have a light breakfast and a salad or soup for lunch. Additionally it is recommend to store some snacks such as an apple, raw veggies or nuts in case you get really hungry in between your juices. Everything is explained very detailed in the brochure you receive prior to your cleanse. Also there’s an explanation on how to eat up to three days after your cleanse as well.

Juice Cleanse by Detox & Diet in Dubai
Juice Cleanse by Detox & Diet

After my light breakfast on day 1 I waited about 2-3 hours until my first juice – the yellow “Metabolic Boost”. It was really refreshing and spicy, and I liked it. It was made out of agave, ginger, lemon, lime and cinnamon. Followed by that came two green juices later that day; the “Skin Refresher” and the “Anti-Aging Shake”. The first one consisted of green apple, cucumber, celery, arugula and parsley and was my lunch together with one apple. This one was the juice I liked least over these two days, since it tasted simply green and not sweet at all. However it wasn’t so bad and I drank it all! The “Anti-Aging Shake” tasted a lot better, mainly because it was based on coconut water and coconut pulp and the other ingredients were arugula, apple, cilantro, cinnamon and jalapeno. It was a lot creamier than the other juices I tried and therefore also quite filling. Last but not least on day 1: the red “Deep Antioxidant” – super sweet and delicious – a mixture of apple, pineapple, berry, rock and avocado.

Four juices and snacks
Four juices and snacks

I started day 2 similar to day 1 with a light breakfast and was more than excited for my first “juice” a couple of hours afterwards, since it was time for the “Cocoa Protein Shake”. I’m having a vegan chocolate protein smoothie / shake most of the days and was curious to find out if that one would be any better than my daily self-made one! My opinion right after the first sip: It was much better and healthy by far! So creamy and rich in flavor plus you didn’t taste any protein powder since it’s made out of only almond milk, coconut water, cocoa nibs, agave, maca powder and hemp powder. The highlight of my 2-day juice cleanse by Detox & Diet. Throughout the rest of day 2 I enjoyed two more green juices and an orange one called “Power Elixir”. Made out of apple, carrot, pineapple, orange, banana and lime not as good as the red one the night before but delicious as well.

During my two day juice cleanse I snacked on some raw veggies, nuts and fruits but didn’t feel tired or hungry at any point. I skipped my regular gym routine as I was working these two days anyways (and I don’t have an office job) and felt great already after day 1 and even better after day 2. Yes, I had to run to the bathroom more often than usual during the day especially since I was making sure to drink enough water as per the recommondations as well, but that is literally the only downside I can think about. All of the juices I tried tasted great (except for the one green juice on day one) and what I liked especially was the fact that the juices didn’t repeat themselves. Detox & Diet has so many different juices on offer that when juicing with them you won’t get bored of the taste at all. The delivery and the entire program was well planned and helped me get through my “mini detox” easily. I received a text message upon delivery and got an e-mail with a brochure to guide me through the days before and after the juice cleanse as well. For all your vegans, vegetarians and everyone else: the list of benefits of juice cleanses is endless and will makes you feel so much better with only a little effort. Try Detox & Diet’s program and tell me how you liked the juices, and especially how you felt afterwards! I definitely cured my sugar cravings, felt more energized and just fitter, slimmer and fresher! And trust me: I’ll do it again and next time it will be longer!

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