Common Grounds

February 2019 Update:

Common Grounds is still one of my favorite healthy eating places in Mall of the Emirates – they have occasional vegan specials (make sure to check out their instagram!) and added some more vegan main dishes to their menu (such as the Nomad Salad or the Veggie Rice Wrap).

Being a little bit hidden in the corner of the top floor right next to the Sheraton at Mall of the Emirates I’ve only managed to go to Common Grounds twice yet! It’s a modern eatery, which serves a mixture of everything that can be connected with the term “healthy” – they’ve got a variety of choices for breakfast: from Acai Bowl over freshly made Coconut Yoghurt to smashed Avocado on Toast (and then a whole bunch of egg-options); a decent amount of main dishes that are vegan / can be veganized, such as the Bowl of Super Salad, the Greens and Grains Salad, the Wild Mushroom Risotto (no cheese) or the Housemade Pumpkin Gnocchi (no cheese); and seem to have an amazing taste when it comes to drinks as well: organic teas, fresh juices and smoothies as well as extraordinary coffee creations (which differ by the way the coffee bean is pressed).

“Easy Green – A Glass of Youth” at Common Grounds, MOE

Since I never managed to stop by there for breakfast (even though they are serving it until 4pm) I went for the “Easy Green” Juice the last time I had my lunch there. It’s a pineapple, cucumber, spinach, kale and lemon juice, which had a slight “green” touch, as I like to call it, but it was overall fruity and refreshing enough for me to enjoy it!

Even though the place was packed during lunchtime (all tables were taken so I had no other choice than sitting at the bar) I got my drink and salad – the Greens and Grains Salad – quickly.

Greens and Grains Salad at Common Grounds, MOE

The salad was super tasty and even filled me up until after work – the combination of greens (broccoli, spinach and beans) with grains and seeds (bulgur, quinoa, cashews and pumpkin seeds) topped with avocado, goji berries and moroccan spices had me experience a new taste sensation. Definitely one of my most favorite flavors at the moment!

What I like most about Common Grounds? They seem to know what they’re talking about & you don’t have to be afraid of having that awkward conversation with your server when you’re asking about the ingredients of the meals. Even though their menu doesn’t label purely vegan dishes (it does show which ones are gluten-free, vegetarian and contain nuts) I never felt like anyone wasn’t aware about which dishes were vegan and which ones were not. It made me instantly feel comfortable and more western than lots of the other places I have been to lately – and even though their menu isn’t a paradise for vegans, it’s the atmosphere that’s making me want to come back and try more of their creations.

Did you try their breakfast menu before I did? Let me know how you liked it!

Visit at Mall of the Emirates – Top Floor next to Sheraton or order via Deliveroo.

Open from 8am to 10pm Sun-Wed & until midnight during the weekend


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