Vegan Appetizer Platter at Ronja in Mülheim

During the few hours I’ve spend in my home town Duisburg this summer I was curious to find vegan hotspots in North-Rhine Westphalia. As I was planning to have dinner with my Dad and Grandma in a vegan-friendly restaurant, my Dad found the vegetarian / vegan restaurant ‘Ronja’ in Mülheim (20 minutes drive from Duisburg). […]

Vegan in Abu Dhabi

While Dubai is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular cities in the world, it’s nice to get out of the rush now and then and visit the neighboring emirate Abu Dhabi (which is actually the capital of the UAE). Even though Abu Dhabi is not as big, glamorous, popular and developed as Dubai, it’s always […]


Vegan Salad Vietnam at Rosarium in Regensburg

The Bistro Rosarium was definitely not recommended by anyone for their great vegan options, but apparently one of my Mum’s latest favorite restaurants, so I accepted the challenge to find more vegan food in Regensburg and went there for lunch with my Mum and Brother. It’s located not far from the old town inside the […]


Vegan Cake at Taracafé in Regensburg

Taracafé was on the first rank of vegan places to visit in Regensburg on my list – why? Because I got the recommendation from my Mum! She’s been visiting the attached Yoga Studio for years now and absolutely loves the atmosphere and was crazy about their cakes (she’s mostly vegetarian, but for sure not vegan […]