Vegan Burger from BurgerFuel in Dubai

February 2019 Update:

First of all: please be advised that the burger bun doesn’t seem to be vegan so if you want a vegan burger you have to go for their lettuce wrap option! Apologies for not mentioning this in my original post – I was ensured the bread was vegan as well when I asked the staff.

They are also no longer in Mall of the Emirates, but they do still have seven branches all over Dubai (e.g. Mirdif City Centre, The Palm, Al Barsha Mall).

Most people always assume it is super difficult for vegans to eat out in Dubai: and I can tell you – it’s not. There are so many vegan options available everywhere and you have a big choice of meals even at the food courts in the shopping malls. Today I had one of my favorite vegan fast food burger again. It’s from BurgerFuel. BurgerFuel is a fast food chain originally from New Zealand, which emphasizes on only using 100% natural, wholesome, ethical and healthy ingredients.

BurgerFuel at Mall of the Emirates in Dubai
BurgerFuel at Mall of the Emirates

I went to the branch at the food court in the Mall of the Emirates (close to skidubai) and ordered the V-Dub Vege without aioli and cheese and sweet potato fries on the side. The total was around 50 AED. The food court was crazily busy (how can you expect it not to be on a Friday afternoon?) and I got my order within 10 minutes. The sweet potato fries are always crispy and tasty – I just felt like sometimes they’re missing a little bit of salt and the burger I always enjoy a lot. The burger comes with lettuce, tomatoes, raw grated beetroot and small burger piece patties, which aren’t really patties. In fact it’s their motobites (fried snack consisting of crumbed pumpkin, carrot, chickpea and ginger). The great thing about vegan burgers is that they all taste so different to each other because there’s such a huge variety of vegetables and beans that can be used to make it (that’s not an excuse to have a vegan burger every day though!). I especially like the pumpkin taste of this one and the fact that it’s really squashy though!

If you don’t like my choice from the menu you can consider swapping the bun with lettuce or taking regular fries instead (they’re thick cut and not bad either). But that’s about all their vegan options then. There are 11 outlets in Dubai in total and you can always order via talabat or online on their website as well!

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  1. Hi! just an update – seems they have another veg burger now with a Veg pattie! Just ordered it (Im vegetarian, going on vegan)
    and I’ll tell you how it is, if you havent experienced it yet 🙂

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