Located right next to Internet City Metro Station is a new hidden gem for healthy food and relaxed mornings. Brambles is a small restaurant located in the Auris Metro Central Hotel. In the morning Brambles doesn’t only serve walk-in guests but also prepares the breakfast buffet for in-house guests.
Firstly I was put off a bit by its location (not really close to anything I normally stop by at) but as soon as I saw the beautiful decor (even the menu was decorated with a small flower and I loved it so much) and felt the warm atmosphere the location didn’t matter anymore.

Brambles in Dubai

Brambles has a small counter (from which you can choose your salad) and seating in a cozy area close to the counter and much more seating just in front of the actual doors of the cafe in something that looks more like a hotel lobby but feels so welcoming at the same time!

Menu at Brambles

The menu offered more than enough vegan options. Some of the highlights are the vegan avocado pizza and the four different vegan açaí bowls. I also really appreciated that they had both smoothies and cold pressed juices for reasonable prices. Having bigger eyes than actual space in my stomach I ordered the Avocado Toast, Açaí Bowl and a juice called “Nourishing”. I was even consider getting a hot chocolate as well since there were some fancy options on the menu but the waiter informed me that none of these were vegan even with non-dairy milk. My disappointment about this was quickly forgotten due to the fact that the waiter was very confident, honest and knowledgeable about it, which you don’t experience often in Dubai!

Nourishing and Orange Juice

Whilst waiting for our food I couldn’t have felt more comfortable with all the cushions on the bench with me. The dishes arrived quickly and I was an immediate fan of the avocado toast! Even though avocado toast sounds like such a simple dish, there are many other places that don’t get it right. The mashed avocado was perfectly ripe (but not too much) and perfectly squashed as well. The seasoning was right on point and it tasted delicious & flavorful!

Avocado Toast

Since I must have forgotten how filling avocado toast can be, I struggled finishing the Açaí bowl, which was just as delicious and in a good portion size. It was topped with granola, cacao nibs and fresh fruits. Both juices (the nourishing and the orange juice) were super fresh and delicious. The red one (nourishing) was truly nourishing and I just felt so awake and active after finishing it. It’s cold pressed beetroot, carrot, apple, celery, orange and lemon.

Overall I can only emphasize on how relaxed I felt during my visit at Brambles: the waiter was knowledgeable, the menu was easy to read, the dishes were delicious and the prices were reasonable for Dubai (the juices were like 23 AED and 19 AED for example). All together this makes Brambles a perfect breakfast / brunch / lunch spot with vegan options.

Brambles Dubai

Barsha Heights

Auris Metro Central Hotel Apartments

Opening hours: 6.30AM to 7.30pm every day

+971 44529529

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