Pumpkin Coconut Soup at Bertin Bistro in Dubai

Bertin Bistro in Dubai   During the past couple of weeks Bertin Bistro continued to pop up on my social media accounts and at some point last week, after checking out their menu online, I just had to go myself! Bertin is an all-day long restaurant, which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as freshly baked pastries and German “Flammkuchen” (similar to pizza, just thinner and with different toppings including some kind of cheese). The bistro is located in Al Safa next to Sheik Zayed Road. It’s a two-story building with a terrace in front and a balcony on the second floor. As soon as you enter you immediately spot the open kitchen where you can see the bakers and cooks preparing everything freshly. There’s the Lounge “Andalusia” upstairs, which I didn’t check out but apparently it’s really cozy and you can have a shisha and enjoy Spanish tapas there.

Bertin’s menu offers a wide range of dishes from the French, Andalusian and German cuisine and felt like one of these menus where even the pickiest eater would find a great meal! They offer all you can eat Flammkuchen after 5PM for 69AED, but since they only taste good with cheese that wasn’t an option for me. Their breakfast menu isn’t the best for a vegan diet either – most of the options are egg variations and the granola is only served with yoghurt. Luckily, we didn’t go for breakfast and ordered the Quinoa Burger, the Pumpkin Coconut Soup and the All Green and Exotic Salad.

Pumpkin Coconut Soup at Bertin Bistro in Dubai
Pumpkin Coconut Soup

The Pumpkin Coconut Soup was served first and was really tasty! It was creamy and neither too thick nor too thin. Just right in flavor as well as you could barely tell the coconut milk. Next was my All Green and Exotic Salad – I had asked for it to be served with lemon dressing instead of the regular one since it contained honey. At first I was a little disappointed; it simply looked like a bowl of lettuce garnished with several different fruits (papaya, melon, avocado, apple, blueberry, mango and pineapple) but once I tried it I was simply impressed by the freshness and compilation of this salad!

All Green and Exotic Salad at Bertin Bistro in Dubai
All Green and Exotic Salad

Other than my choice there are a few other vegan dishes available: the Avocado Salad, the Quinoa Salad, the Marbella Salad (no cheese) and the French Onion Soup.

The Quinoa Burger looked really delicious and was served with potato wedges and a cucumber salad (not vegan). I was actually really excited about trying the burger, but then the burger patty lacked a little bit with flavor.

Quinoa Burger at Bertin Bistro in Dubai
Quinoa Burger

It simply tasted like a lot of quinoa. However it was topped with mushrooms and served with ketchup – so in the end it was fine, but nowhere near the best vegan burger in Dubai!

After having seen all the pastries in their vitrine and checking out the dessert menu I couldn’t hesitate to ask if there was any vegan dessert available (other than fresh fruits) – the server (who couldn’t answer my question) promised to consult the chef but actually never came back. We ended up asking for the check after waiting for 20 minutes (we didn’t see our server anymore at all).  Service overall wasn’t bad in the beginning, but I’m quite disappointed that no one came back to us to inform us or check on us after we had finished the food. The restaurant wasn’t crowded at all, probably because we came during the late afternoon.

In my eyes Bertin Bistro is a great place to go to with friends and family any time of the day. I liked the interior and the fact that everything is freshly prepared and baked in the open kitchen. They offer such a big variety of dishes and if you are okay with having a salad, then you’ll find something delicious vegan there as well! I would not recommend going here just for the vegan burger, there are definitely better ones out here in Dubai! However if you were luckier to find out about their vegan dessert options please let me know – I’m literally dying to know (especially since I’ve read amazing reviews about their desserts!).

Bertin Bistro and Restaurant

Al Manara, Street 21B, Al Safa

(Right next to Jones the Grocer)

Opening hours: 8AM to 10:30PM

+971 44535446

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