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Raw and vegan zucchini Lasagne at Be Super Natural at Dubai Mall

February 2019 Update:

Be Super Natural is still one out of very few fully vegan dining options in Dubai. The menu is changing with the seasons so expect to be surprised by the new dishes (like a jackfruit burger)! Be Super Natural also offers event nights and occasional cooking classes so make sure to follow them on instagram to be informed about new dishes, events & classes!

It was about time for me to indulge into a lunch at Be Super Natural, the only raw vegan café / restaurant in Dubai again! It’s located inside Galeries Lafayette in Dubai Mall on the second Floor next to Lafayette Gourmet. Normally – and so far – I couldn’t convince myself to become a raw vegan yet, but if going to a raw vegan café means that I can eat anything I want (including dessert) then I really don’t mind and might as well enjoy it (especially since there aren’t that many restaurant options in Dubai that only serve vegan dishes). Additionally the Chef Hayley Mac promises that everything is prepared without gluten, sugar and chemicals.

Juices and Smoothies at Be Super Natural at Dubai Mall
Juices and Smoothies at Be Super Natural

Their juice and smoothie menu is longer than their food menu, but that didn’t bother me particularly, since I still had a bigger choice than if I had gone to a non-vegan restaurant. All their juices are being squeezed (with a cold press juicer) right in front of you and they are happy to make any adjustments to your order, if the ingredients are available. I felt like sipping on something green again and asked for the thai-roo, which consist of pineapple, kale, lime, coriander and lucuma.

Thai-roo cold pressed Juice at Be Super Natural Dubai
Thai-roo cold pressed Juice

It was super refreshing, not too sweet and not too “green” either. Sitting there and watching to cold press juicer doing its work was quite fun, too! After tasting my juice I was being served the “Lasagne” I had selected. I was quite hungry when I sat down at Be Super Natural and thought that Lasagne should definitely fill me up.

Food choices at Be Super Natural
Food choices at Be Super Natural

Obviously I had forgotten the fact that I was at a raw vegan restaurant and expected something warm and filling. Instead I was surprised when I noticed that my Lasagne consisted of zucchini slices layered and garnished with tomato pesto and a cream of cashew. It was arranged super appetizing and tasted fresh, fine, natural and just really good.

Raw and vegan zucchini Lasagne at Be Super Natural at Dubai Mall
Raw Zucchini Lasagne

Additionally the lunch menu offered dishes like zucchini pasta, vegetable curry with cauliflower rice and fine and innovative wraps and salads. But to be honest and as expected (and honestly planned as well) – the Lasagne didn’t fill me up and I optioned for one of their raw vegan deserts!

Raw Vegan Desserts at Be Super Natural Dubai
Raw Vegan Desserts at Be Super Natural

During my first visit I discovered their raw Cacao Fondant, which was super delicious and chocolaty, but unfortunately they didn’t have any left this time anymore so I had the choice between the Lemon Sherbet Slice or the Ice Cream Sandwich. As you might be able to imagine, I prefer the latter and enjoyed a creation of mint, coconut, nut milk, chocolate and cashew nut mousse as dessert! It isn’t comparable to anything similar I have tasted lately and I especially liked the touch of mint the ice cream had.

Raw vegan ice cream sandwich at Be Super Natural Dubai
Raw Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich

Nevertheless, when I come back next time I will go for the Cacao Fondant again just because of its richer taste of chocolate!

Be Super Natural is a small bistro which serves raw vegan dishes and desserts. You can even order your lunch / dessert via Deliveroo or via phone. Because of the lack of seating options (there are only a few seats available at the bar and no additional tables) it’s not suitable for hours of dining, but it’s perfect for a quick lunch / snack / juice / dessert. Be Super Natural has his own brand of organic, raw products which they are selling in a small shop, which is part of the bistro. You can find anything from Chia Seeds to Goji Berries there.

Be Super Natural orgainc Shop at Dubai Mall
Be Super Natural Shop

Be Super Natural

Galeries Lafayette (Level 2) in Dubai Mall

                       Opening hours: 10AM to 7PM

+971 43399933

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