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Last week I came home from work tired, exhausted and barely having any energy to even select what I wanted to eat for my fairly late lunch. I checked out deliveroo as I was craving some healthy and vegan food that was going to be delivered quickly.

Amongst other great options I found a food delivery service called “Balance” with not only vegan options on the menu but also a vegan meal deal. I didn’t hesitate long before I optioned for it.

The vegan meal deal consisted of one starter, main and dessert and was just a little above 60 AED together. For the starter I went for the Veggie Spring Roll (the other option would have been the Kale Soup), I selected the Vegan Bowl as my main (the other option is the Veggie Wrap) and the Vegan Chocolate Cake as dessert.

Vegan Chocolate Cake

Luckily the order was at my doorstep within 40 minutes! The Vegan Bowl with a home made vegan patty out of barley, roasted bell peppers, jalapeno, sweet potato, caramelized onion, hash browns, cumin, black pepper and oats on top of quinoa, oranges, roasted pumpkin, cherry tomato and rocket was exactly what I needed: vegan, healthy & filling. The home made vegan patty was very delicious and much different from the vegan bean patties I have tried recently.

The Chocolate Cake was gone within minutes after the picture was taken. The chocolate flavor was intense and there was a small layer of chocolate frosting on the top underneath the cacao powder, which made it even better. It was neither too dry nor too moisture – quite perfect to be honest.

Vegan Summer Rolls
Vegan Spring Rolls

The only part that wasn’t that fantastic were the Vegan Spring Rolls: the fresh kale, vermicelli noddles, mint and coriander wrapped in rice paper was simply boring and the sauce that was served with it didn’t add much flavor to it. Perhaps you might be better off ordering the Kale Soup as a starter instead. However I have to admit that all ingredients tasted very fresh and the kale was also very crunchy!

Overall I definitely like the fact that I was able to order a full vegan meal (including dessert). It was delivered quickly, definitely fresh and most of it was also very tasty! They also have freshly squeezed juices and smoothies on the menu as well as plenty of vegan side dishes (e.g. guacamole, raw kale, roasted pumpkin, fresh fruits).

Balance on Deliveroo

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