Tabbouleh Sampler

Fancy a modern-retro and casual-dining Arabic experience that offers you small samplers of a lot of vegan Arabic dishes so you can taste as much as possible? Then Azkadenya, a Jordanian restaurant, located in Mall of the Emirates and Jumeirah is the right place to go for you!

Comfortable sofa at Azkadenya in Mall of the Emirates in Dubai
Comfortable sofa at Azkadenya

The main reason why I tried Azkadenya is because of the look of the restaurant. It’s modern and colorfully decorated and from the interior design I expected Azkadenya to be more like a café until I checked out their menu one day. They serve a wide range of cold and hot appetizers, grill dishes, desserts, juices, coffee and tea as well as a handful of breakfast plates (not necessarily recommended on a vegan diet). Since main courses almost always contain meat in the Middle Eastern cuisine I chose some of my favorite hot and cold Arabic “mezza”, which means appetizers.

Complimentary starter at Azkadenya at Mall of the Emirates in Dubai
Complimentary starter

The staff was really attending but having lived in the region for over a year now it doesn’t take that much googling anymore to figure out which dishes are vegan and which ones are made with eggs/dairy.

Before our numerous appetizers got served, we tried the complimentary crunchy fried bread, which came with a tomato salsa.

Lentil Soup at Azkadenya at Mall of the Emirates in Dubai
Lentil Soup

The crispy arabic bread was really good and even a little sweeter than normally. Afterwards my lentil soup (one of my favorite local dishes especially when I’m craving something warm) came together with the tabbouleh sampler.

Tabbouleh Sampler
Tabbouleh Sampler

Both tasted great! I always like it when the lentil soup comes with the small crunchy bread. And for the tabbouleh sampler: I just loved the idea of being able to have several flavors of tabbouleh – it came with tomato, sweet corn and quinoa and the one with sweet corn was definitely my top choice (probably because tabbouleh is normally not offered with sweet corn).

Hummus at Azkadenya in Mall of the Emirates in Dubai

During my first lunch at Azkadenya I had their hummos sampler, which attracted me because of the same reason – it’s a trio of traditional, pink (with pomegranate) and sweet corn hummos and I couldn’t resist to try all of them and can only recommend to try these unique flavors! Additionally we got falafel and hummos – both were tasty, and nicely decorated!

All in all I can absolutely advise to visit Azkadenya for a slightly different and modern Arabic cuisine experience! I enjoyed trying various types of hummos and tabbouleh a lot and the menu offers so many more things I want to taste, too (such as “Sweet and Sour Eggplant” or “Eggplant Fattoush”). PS: Online order via talabat possible :)!

Azkadenya at Mall of the Emirates

Level 2 next to the Sheraton

Opening hours: Sat-Wed 10AM to 11PM, Thu-Fri 10AM to 12AM

+971 43792986

Azkadenya Jumeirah

Mercato Mall, 1st Floor

Opening hours: Sat-Wed 10AM to 11PM, Thu-Fri 10AM to 12AM

+971 43445157

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