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Vegan Birthday Cake

Celebrating your birthday in Dubai? It’s your best friend’s birthday and he / she is allergic to eggs / dairy? Ann’s Cakes & Crafts offers beautifully customized vegan cakes to help you have the best day of the year even for someone having such strict dietary requirements!

I contacted Ann’s Cakes & Crafts on facebook just two days before my birthday requesting a vegan chocolate cake. I was able to choose between three different sizes 6″, 8″ or 10″ – and decided to go for the medium size. Other than that I just asked for a chocolate cake and a simple “Happy Birthday” message (If you follow the link to Ann’s Cakes & Crafts facebook page you will see that you can get much more creative in your decoration request).

Since there’s no delivery available I went to pick up the cake in The Gardens in Dubai (close to IBN Battuta Mall). It was easy to find and within minutes I had the absolutely gorgeous looking birthday cake in my hands. It appeared to be not only super pretty but also really delicious! The cake itself was made out of two layers of moisture chocolate cake with a layer of cream in between. The same cream was used to decorate the cake. Everything was coated into dark chocolate and totally satisfied my vegan chocolate cravings (and my calorie surplus on that day by at least +3000).

If you are short on time, or just not that talented in baking, or don’t want to risk having to present a poor looking birthday cake simply contact Ann’s Cakes & Crafts. The vegan cake cost me 220 AED and was totally worth it. In case you prefer cupcakes or donuts you can order these, too! Have you ever ordered a vegan cake in Dubai? Let me know about your experiences below!

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