Almaz by Momo

Vegan Hummus at Almaz by Momo in Dubai

February 2019 Update:

Almaz by Momo has closed down in Mall of the Emirates but you can still get tasty Moroccan dishes at their branch in JBR.

It had to be Lebanese again for dinner, but this time with a twist from the Moroccan cuisine as well! Almaz by Momo looks like a traditional Moroccan restaurant, with comfy chairs, low tables, shishas and oriental decoration and lamps everywhere! Even the music was clearly oriental and created an authentic

Traditional design at Almaz by Momo in Dubai
Traditional design at Almaz by Momo

atmosphere when I walked into their branch at Mall of the Emirates. As you probably know by now I’m a fan of Middle Eastern and Asian restaurants, especially because they naturally offer a lot of vegan options! Almaz by Momo is a hidden spot inside Harvey Nichols at Mall of the Emirates; their second branch is located in JBR.

Falafel at Almaz by Momo in Dubai

The restaurant wasn’t overfilled when we visited on a Saturday night and we were pleased by the fact that once you had entered you totally forgot that you are at one of the busiest shopping malls in Dubai! We ordered Hummus, Falafel, a Moroccan Salad and the Couscous Vegetables. The staff was well informed about the ingredients of each dish and it was easy for us to choose! Other than our choices there were a couple of other vegan options: other typical hot and cold Middle Eastern starters, a variety of soups and salads and a Vegetable Tagine.

Couscous Vegetables at Almaz by Momo in Dubai
Couscous Vegetables

The Hummus and Falafel were as of the same quality as expected and experienced at other Lebanese restaurants lately. They were served with bread and tahini sauce. The Hummus was creamy, well seasoned and just as delicious as the crispy Falafel! The Moroccan Salad, a variation of tomato, cucumber, charcoaled pepper, black olives, cumin, onion and olive oil – was exquisite, even though it was a little bit oily, especially adding on the charcoaled pepper and black olives made it so great! It’s more like a side portion to share though. The actual main dish I couldn’t resist trying was the Couscous Vegetables – plain couscous served with a side of chickpeas, raisins and vegetables broth. I was totally impressed! I haven’t had couscous in a while, but from the last time I had it I never remembered it to be that powdery and fluffy! It was absolutely tasty and a huge portion, which I can only recommend sharing.

Vegan Fruit Sorbet at Almaz by Momo in Dubai
Fruit Sorbet

Last but not least we took advantage of having several fruit sorbets on the menu and ended up ordering lemon, raspberry and mango (unfortunately they didn’t have pear or banana even though they were on the menu) for our vegan desert. While we were totally satisfied with the service until then, we got disappointed at that point: it took the waiter 15 minutes after our order to let us know which sorbets are available and another 15 minutes to serve them after we had made our choice. However all three flavors were great; lemon as my favorite one again, followed by mango, which was really rich in flavor.

So the only two downsides I have to mention about Almaz by Momo are the breakfast menu (almost no vegan options) and their service time once we had ordered desert. Other than that I totally enjoyed my dinner and the atmosphere and was satisfied with spending only a little bit over 200 AED in total and will probably be back to try the Vegetable Tagine or relax with friends having one of their mocktails and a shisha!

Almaz by Momo at JBR

Opening hours: 9AM – 1AM

+971 44371638

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