Leila – Blogger

I am a British Arab living in Dubai. I have been vegan since December 2015 and I can truly say I feel the difference! I feel happier, healthier and at peace with the person I have become. I am eating clean and not harming anyone in the process.

So why did I become vegan? It literally happened overnight. I was reading the book ‘Skinny Bitch’ (which I did not even know was about veganism!) and after I had read the chapter on Dairy I vowed never to eat any animal products again. And I haven’t!

I love staying fit and proving that vegans can do anything- I race in many running events in the UAE and recently completed a half marathon and many obstacle course races.

My journey as a vegan has been interesting, from disagreements with family and colleagues over my food choices, to exploring the vegan options in the city I live in…Dubai. There is a whole world of veganism that I did not know about before and I cannot wait to share it with you.