Anneen – Blogger

Hi, I am Anneen! I am a South African living in Dubai. In 2009, I became a vegetarian after realising the impact I had on the lives of millions of animals. I proceeded to leave my studies in the medical field and redirected my path to complete a degree in Complementary Health Sciences. As time went on I had become so passionate about the lifestyle and teaching people about it. I then furthered my studies and became a teacher, majoring in Health Education.

Later, in 2013, I started delving more into what it meant to be a vegetarian. I quickly realised that it was not enough and just like that, I became vegan overnight. I am now a mommy to a beautiful 1-year-old vegan toddler.
My mission is to show families that a vegan life is simple, appealing and long-term.

I found my passion and happiness through a compassionate plant-based lifestyle. Moving to Dubai granted me the opportunity to seek new and exciting culinary adventures. The cultural diversity of Dubai makes eating vegan food truly a worldly experience.

I would like to share the many options that have made being vegan in Dubai easy, accessible and dare I say DELICIOUS!