77 Veggie Boutique (permanently closed)

Vegan Burger at 77 Veggie Boutique in Dubai

February 2019 Update:

77 Veggie Boutique has closed.

I sincerely hope that most of you will have heard about 77 Veggie Boutique – located in JLT – already. However it was time for me to finally try the all-vegetarian health conscious restaurant myself.

The restaurant seems to be heavily focused on deliveries and takeaways and I’ve seen that they even offer meal plans at affordable prices (check out their website for more info). Even though it was one of these cloudy and even a little rainy days in Dubai (so happy they actually exist!) I preferred sitting outside to watch who is passing by and what else is happening 😉

We received the menus from a friendly waitress and were trying to figure out what to order. The menu actually says that dishes can be made vegan, which left us with a huge choice (however it wasn’t clear to me whether everything could be made vegan or only certain things). They offer breakfast as well as international & Asian inspired dishes for lunch and dinner. The menu also includes a few fresh juices and smoothies as well as desserts. For those watching their calorie intake – they are given for every single dish on the menu as well! After all the menu includes lots of information and only pictures of the dishes occasionally which made it difficult to read and decide for me.

Low Fat Vegan Cheese Balls at 77 Veggie Boutique
Low Fat Vegan Cheese Balls

In the end I couldn’t resist trying the Baresque Low Fat Cheese Balls, the Selvet Spring Rolls, the Veggie Patti Burger and the Arabia Fit Spinach & Chickpeas Meal. According to the waitress all dishes were made vegan by substituting the sauces and cheese with vegan options. Everything was prepared from scratch for us and we started with the Low Fat Cheese Balls and the Spring Rolls. Unfortunately the Cheese Balls didn’t taste anything close to cheese and simply reminded me on veggie balls. I wouldn’t order them again. The Spring Rolls were different from any spring rolls I’ve ever tried so far – instead of being fried they are backed with a bit of olive oil, which made them not as crispy as usual.

Vegan Selvet Spring Rolls at 77 Veggie Boutique in Dubai
Selvet Spring Rolls

Additionally they are also stuffed with tofu and vegetables. Despite the fact that they were slightly falling apart the taste was great!

For the mains I can only review the Veggie Patti Burger and the Arabia Fit Spinach & Chickpeas Meal. However there are many more vegan options available including vegan pizza & pasta with vegan cheese and a tofu salad. Neither the burger nor the spinach & chickpeas meal were extraordinary. The burger tasted decent and I liked the fact that 77 Veggie Boutique even offers vegan sauces as substitutes – however the burger patty was rather boring.

Spinach & Chickpeas Meal at 77 Veggie Boutique in Dubai
Spinach & Chickpeas Meal

The spinach & chickpeas meal wasn’t special either – the flavors were clearly Indian and it was overall tasteful but in general nothing I would go to a restaurant for.

When I visited they had three vegan desserts available – unfortunately I only remember the chocolate and the blueberry muffin – but there’s definitely more! I picked the Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin out of the vitrine and enjoyed it hot. And I have to admit it was way better than anything I have tried to bake yet and didn’t taste plantbased at all (rich chocolate and banana flavor though).

Vegan Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin at 77 Veggie Boutique in Dubai
Vegan Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin

Overall the lunch at 77 Veggie Boutique was affordable (I paid 143 AED for drinks, two starters, two mains and one dessert). The food was prepared on spot but in general it was lacking flavors and rather boring. I’m not sure if it was only my choice of dishes, but I was disappointed the most by the vegan cheese balls not tasting like cheese at all. You can order online from their website, via talabat or by calling them up. I’d be more than excited to hear your experience at 77 Veggie Boutique and hope that it will be better than mine.

77 Veggie Boutique at JLT

Lake Level, Tiffany Tower, Cluster W

Opening hours: Sun – Thu 7:30AM to 10 PM, Fri 11AM to 10PM, Sat 11AM to 9PM

+971 44535446





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